August 10, 2012


Productivity. It's the name of the game this weekend. I'm setting goals and I'm going to achieve them. I actually only have two goals for this weekend so I think I'm doing okay. I would like to, generally, get the laundry folded and put away, the dishes dealt with, and start tackling more of our space issues but I'm going to stick with the more substantial things for now.

Tonight, I'm going to learn to curl my hair with a flat iron or cause my hair some serious heat damage in the process. Probably both. I was looking at YouTube videos earlier, and plan on referencing them later, so I actually have more to go on than my memory of my hair cut. I think I was just excited that she made my hair look so darn good and forgot to really pay attention. Tonight's the night!

Tomorrow's task is actually a little bit more intense. A lot more intense. I'm painting the bathroom. Karl has to work, so my mom and I are going to finally cover up the yucky primer grey on the walls with a much nicer shade of grey. It was the only thing I could think of that would actually work with our shower curtain, the colourful art I made, and the gold taps. How do you make gold taps look nice short of painting them a different colour? I don't know but I think a nice grey might help. I'm going as dark as the guy at Rona would let me and the colour we got ended up being my second choice.

Once the bathroom's done I'm going to finish our living room. I kid you not. The larger baseboard (I'm not sure how else to describe the foot of wood the runs around the bottom of the living room for no real apparent reason) is finally going to get what's coming for it. It's going to be a nightmare to do because there's a couch, a lamp, and a very full bookshelf in the way. I know that bookshelves can be emptied, but the room is small enough as it is and I know for a fact that getting things into that room was not as easy as you'd think. It was, in fact, a miracle that our couches made it in there at all. Those suckers are never coming out.

This is all a surprise for Karl. Not my hair, the painting. He knows we have bathroom paint (I bought it last weekend) but he doesn't know that tomorrow's the day. As a world class procrastinator himself he's probably not expecting me to get on this bathroom painting thing so soon. I'm also terrible at not telling him things so he won't expect it without lots of notice from me. I like to share things.

The living room, too, is going to blow his mind. This is something he's been saying he'll do since the board got put on backwards with the painted side facing the wall. Over two years ago. Clearly this is one of those situations where if I want something done I have to do it myself, even though it's not going to be any fun whatsoever.

I wish I could say that doing those two painting tasks would finally make our place look more finished but it's not true. The ceiling in our kitchen/dining area has some green on the ceiling in several spots from where someone (probably me) failed at not hitting it with the side of the roller. We don't have any matching ceiling paint so we've never bothered to fix it. Now there's a task I'm not eager to tackle (and doubtfully ever will).

Sunday is also a big day, though not around the house. We're going to a sports day put on by some of our friends. I expect it to be productive in the sense that it's something fun to do other than housework. That sentence makes me sound like housework is my idea of fun, which it isn't. Especially not dishes.

Now, if only it were five o'clock...

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