July 10, 2012


Have you ever had something so exciting coming up that you just want to run around and tell everyone about it and maybe sing a little song? Me too! Actually, pretty much every life event is like that for me. Just call me a child. Since that's the case, I'm going to try and limit myself to shorter, more individual topic related posts and see how that goes. I may find granola bars SUPER EXCITING but that doesn't mean you want/need to read 1,000 words on them.

A little while ago I said I was going to have some blog news that I never did follow up on. There was a possibility that I'd be going on a business trip (a small one) and that I was going to take my blog on the road. I was excited because it would be the first time Douglas street wasn't involved in the process, and figured that I'd have lots of time to fill in my hotel room in the evenings. Well, I'm not going anywhere. It was never a sure thing and I find myself totally impartial. It would have been fun but at the same time it would have been totally outside my little comfort zone. The only thing I'm a little bummed about is that I won't be going anywhere near IHOP for a long time now. Shoot dang.

The demise of the trip means one thing for me, one really, really, really awesome thing. It means I won't be going anywhere, and don't have anything big that I must absolutely keep my head for. No, I'm not planning on becoming a crazy person, I'm going back on the bananas.


Nearly three months ago I officially cut out bananas and caffeine from my diet. Bananas had been seriously limited for a while but I went hardcore after my last migraine. No banana anything made its way into my body for weeks. Weeks! It was agony. No banana bread, no bananas in my smoothies, and no bananas when I was hungry and had a void in my tummy that needed filling. No banana icing. No banana muffins. No, no, no.

When I heard the news this morning that I'd be staying at home, Gwen Stefani started running through my head. In the interest of keeping things family friendly I'll paraphrase: That is bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S! That is bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

I have a burning desire to dance awkwardly and run around singing "Hollaback Girl" and dancing awkwardly but I've refrained. Maybe when I get home I'll make a smoothie and do just that. A smoothie with bananas! Om nom nom.

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