June 29, 2012

First world problems.

Sometimes I miss the carefree days of simple, open schedules. Actually,  I don't think simple ever really fit into the equation when I was in school/volunteering/working meaningless jobs because every day was a new adventure in scheduling. I just miss being able to do the mid-day whatever the heck I wanted. Coffee? Sure! Brunch on a Friday? Why the heck not!

Of course, having the supposed simple and open schedule didn't lend itself to major relaxation. Less money, more responsibilities for how I spend my own time (aka readings and essay writing), and responsibilities that took up my spare time.

Yeah, okay, I may lament the loss of my ability to go for the Friday brunch, but I will celebrate the weekends that are free from obligation, the evenings that mine to do what I want with, the extra income, the boss that respects me, getting to wear nice clothes to work, and significantly less stress in my life. There's more, I know there is.

Okay, fine, I don't really lament the loss of my previous life scheduling. How about I look forward to the day that I'll still be earning an income and have less stress and maintain a better defined schedule where I can do things like Friday brunches when I like. No, I'm not talking about having a baby although that's one way of going about it I guess. I'm talking about a cushy job where my presence isn't needed to answer phones and I can say, "I'm going out, I'll be back" and sail away to do whatever is needed and then sashay (why not, eh?) back in to the office and sit down to my ever so important work.

Aw yeah.

I guess I can also deal with missing brunch on a Friday because there's a big, hearty, delicious cheesecake sitting in the office fridge from yesterday just begging me to have a piece. One would think that wearing leggings as pants I would be more concerned about what goes into my body today. One would be very wrong.

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