May 09, 2012

Reach for the sky.

The joy of multiple blog posts is that it makes me look less scatterbrained than I actually am.

I don't know what it is but I feel like my life is changing. The changes are small but significant. As you know, I gave up caffeine. Giving up caffeine was like finding a super power I didn't know I had. I'm working on cutting out refined sugars (baby steps, folks, and bits at a time) and in the process am becoming increasingly domestic. On my terms.

My bread was kind of like eating a really dense breaded thing. I think it will make good toast but that's about it. I had a piece for breakfast today. I warmed it up in the microwave and then put peanut butter and honey on it. I'm expect I'll be full until lunch. My cupcakes were also not bad. I brought them over to some friends' for dinner last night and us women enjoyed them, but their kids and the two husbands weren't crazy about them. At least the men ate them. I'm not offended, though. It's not like I made up the recipe.

Two things of significance have happened in the last 24 hours. One of them involved dinner at our friends' last night. Both are accountants, wonderful people, and pretty smart to boot. We were there for five hours and got to hang out with them and their kids and put away a delicious late meal with desert and wine and after dinner lattes that made me feel like a rich person. After dinner we got some financial advice. Who better to ask for help than people that you know and trust?

It was an incredible financial ego boost and reality check all at once. We learned that the amount of income we have between the two of us is impressive for our age group. We also learned that, with diligent budgeting, we actually can afford to buy a house in this overpriced city. I know lots of people that bought houses when they were my age now but, realistically, I think that when I'm 30 we'll be living in our very own gorgeous house. Our goal was always with 5 years of marriage or less I think but three years to save like maniacs and get something we really truly want is pushing it a little. But you never know. Either way, we came out of it some actual ideas of our finances. Next step? Budgeting. And I'm not even dreading like I thought would.

Caffeine really was holding me back from my full potential.

The second significant thing actually took place both before and after dinner last night. Yesterday someone else was let go at work and we had a staff meeting afterward. It came out that the company needs someone to do some writing and they'll probably be looking to hire. After the meeting I informed the higher ups that, hey, I just finished four years at university. Lots of writing there. I could give it a try since, you know, you're paying me to be here anyway.

This morning my boss came and talked to me. He told me that the standards are really high and that I'll need to be willing to take criticism. Not a problem. I can write but I'm certainly no English major. (Please note that sentence fragments in my blogging should reflect on my professional writing in any way.) He also told me that if I'm good at it there will be a lot more opportunities for me.

I have to say, that made me happy. I may fail miserably at writing but in trying I have absolutely nothing to lose. I'm here so use me. Just don't ask me to deep fry for you. It's not in the job description.

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