April 26, 2012

Winds of change.

Yesterday was a painful day. I think my posture took a turn for the worst since Friday's migraine and I may have started grinding my teeth, too. The result was agonizing headaches all day long. My magic mix of extra strength acetaminophen and extra strength ibuprofen didn't even do much to help with the pain. It would come and go in waves and by the end of the work day I wanted a massage so bad.

Today something changed. Maybe it was the neck rubbing I was giving myself or a good meal at Dad's that did it. It may have also been the excellent eye doctor appointment I had after work, too. Go figure. The road to potential surgery has been laid out before me and I'm almost giddy. If I'm not a candidate we're getting rid of the big red boat and upgrading to a new to me vehicle. I say win win.

With the hurdle of caffeine addiction almost behind me I'm feeling pretty invincible. My house still looks like small children were let loose in it but I'm starting to feel like I can take on the world. If I can cut out caffeine from my life what else can I cut out? I read an article that recommended cutting out sugar for two weeks. I am strangely motivated to try this.

In the past year I've already cut down on the processed foods that we eat on a regular basis. I was even making homemade pizza on nan bread for a while. I'm thinking of upping the ante and cutting out pre-made pasta sauce, too. I just bought some Epicure tzatziki and salsa mixes so there's one less batch of pre-prepared food sitting in the cupboard.

I'm not Martha Stewart, though, so I think I need to start small. I'm also a total sugar junky so I'm not sure I could actually cut it out entirely. No juice? Alcohol? Icing? Granola bars? Rough. I think convincing Karl this is a fun new experiment will be the biggest challenge, though.

All that said, I imagine it'll take a bit to motivate me to actually start making mealtime changes. I do, after all, hate cooking and fail at keeping our tiny little basement suite clean for more than an afternoon. Healthier foods require more work and unless my kitchen's already clean I am in no mood to make more dishes.

All this talk and I guess time will tell. I'm feeling good about it, though, let me say.

In case you're wondering, I'm still not feeling 100%. It'll pass, hopefully by tomorrow but I know Saturday morning yoga will be the best thing ever. Karl informed me last night he's had a sore throat all week and didn't want to tell me. I am now on echinacea and officially avoiding my germy/secretive husband. The last thing I need is a cold on top of raging headaches. Then again, he could suffer with me.

Irrelevant! I'm on the mend and this painful week is almost done, anyway. Caffeine free life, here I come!

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