February 15, 2017

When your toddler turns into the Hulk.

We've had one of those weeks where it's like the Energizer Bunny from Hell. It just keeps going and going and going and, seriously, is it only Wednesday? At least, that's how the week started.

After reading another scary article someone shared on Facebook about RSV, I noticed Molly had some of the symptoms. She's fine, but we spent 24 hours in the hospital with her under observation just to make sure she was okay.

When her and I got home, Parker had a nasty cough and a rash that looked similar to one he had when he had an ear infection. Off to the clinic he and Karl went, where they waited two nightmarish hours (anything over 20 minutes of waiting with a toddler is like a visit to a psychopathic dentist) only to find out he didn't have an ear infection, just a cold. They came home with a prescription for a puffer and some steroids to help with his wheezing.

The pharmacist instructed me to only give Parker the steroids in the morning with breakfast because it would give him an energy boost. May the good Lord have mercy on us all because he wasn't kidding.

Parker destroyed our house this morning. I'm not exaggerating. There's usually a fair amount of chaos left in a toddler's wake, but this morning he reached a new level. No amount of discipline could get him to listen to me and stop attacking my tea trolley or breast pump while I used it. He pulled the change pad off his dresser. He pulled the clothes out of his laundry basket and drawers. He got everything off the top of his bookshelf. I walked in on him trying to tip his bookshelf over. My house looks like it's been searched by very inconsiderate thieves. The place is trashed.

My toddler had a case of roid rage and it was terrifying.

Molly had her follow-up appointment with the paediatrician today so I asked him about Parker and he told me that steroids aren't necessary for bronchiolitis (which is what Molly has so Parker likely does to). Sold. Done. No more steroids for that kid unless daycare wants to take him tomorrow because I am not a crazy person, but I will be if we go through that again.

On the bright side, all the built up tension from having a small scale natural disaster take place in my home has given me enough pent up tension and energy to go back to the gym and hit the treadmill. If I don't, I worry that I may have my own Incredible Hulk moment. I also have an excuse to redecorate Parker's room and a new bookshelf for my living room. Winning.


  1. What a nightmare. I hope your babies feel better soon! We are both having a rough toddler week. Gracie ran out in the middle of the street yesterday and again today and refused to come back, and you already know about her peeing on the floor and the bathtub nightmare last night. Someone must have slipped her some steroids too. Godspeed.

  2. Between this blog post and your Instagram video of the then-current state of your house, I think you need a drink. A drink while you redecorate Parker's room. At least he gave you a head start...

    Hope everyone is feeling better today!!

  3. Oh my goodness! What a whirlwind, I am so glad that everyone is doing better today. It really is amazing how something seemingly so simple like steroids can turn a kid into a crazy person.

    1. I had NO idea that would happen. I guess it makes sense, but dang.

  4. Oh man, it does sound like an awful week! Hoping things are looking up now?


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