November 08, 2016


craving: Chocolate. I went to the gym last night to walk like an old person on the treadmill. I normally go Friday nights and there's no one there, but apparently Mondays are for righting weekend wrongs and it was really busy. No one around me was running, either, it was just a bunch of walkers. Apparently I'm not the only person that enjoys walking on the treadmill before dinner. The thing is, the last couple times I've been to the gym to get my senior citizen on, I've really felt it afterwards. Last night I ended up on the couch with a heat bag on my back because apparently any exercise whatsoever is going to make me cramp these days. Holla at the almost third trimester. As a woman, I associate cramping with chocolate. Thus the craving. If going to the gym is going to send me into a chocolate eating spiral I should probably just give up on fitness. It seems counter productive.

watching: Call the Midwife season 4. I got it from the library but couldn't get through it all before I had to return it. Gone are the days of binge watching shows in a week. I contemplated bringing it to work to watch on my lunch break, but I cry during every single episode. I feel like I need to maintain some dignity.

wishing: That the American election would make the US dollar go down. I know I'm horrible, but even if it just does it for a day or two I'd be happy. I really want to order some yarn off KnitPicks and I can't afford to pay 25% more for the exchange rate. Remember when the Canadian dollar was higher than the American? Those were the days. I also want to buy my dad this mug

anticipating: Two things. I have a package waiting on my front porch at this very minute with the most amazing mug in it. I'm talking about the kind of mug I daydream about. I can't wait to drink coffee out of it in three months from now. (Why can't I have a sugar aversion instead of coffee? Life is hard when all you want to do is eat Mike and Ikes.) Also, I'm going on a husband-less babymoon tomorrow. I'll be in Victoria until Sunday night, snuggling my friend's brand new little guy, dancing in the rain, eating so much west coast food, and finishing up my Christmas shopping. Other highlights will include going to the bathroom alone and attempting to sleep past 7 a.m.

organizing: The baby's room. This is taking much longer than anticipated due to having another child to look after, but I'm getting really excited about it. I have a couple days off next week so I'm hoping to make some real progress. There are few things I enjoy more than organizing a space while listening to a good audio book.

cooking: There's a beef stew in my crock pot at the moment and I made shepherd's pie on Sunday. Last week I made lasagna soup and decided to try making French bread to go with it. French bread and I have an abysmal success rate, but I managed to make three delightfully edible loaves. We ate a lot of white bread last week, including French toast Sunday morning. I'm basically Martha Stewart. .

reading: I'm just about the start The Story of the Trapp Family Singers. I'm excited. I also finally joined Goodreads and I kind of love it.

planning: What I'm going to eat once I give birth. Sushi, chocolate cake, and coffee, for the record. 

drinking: Stash decaf chai spiced tea.

eating: Fig newtons. Like an old lady boss.

feeling: Like a whale, gumball, or sausage depending on what I'm wearing.

wondering: If WestJet will let me get away with a suitcase slightly larger than their allowable carry-on dimensions. Maybe if I cry. Also how much knitting I should bring for four days and two flights away.

feeling: Proud of myself for not eating the bag of Skittles in the cupboard I bought for my flights tomorrow night. Every time I get Parker a graham cracker I see them and I get twitchy. My name is Anna and I'm a sugar addict.

missing: This is Us. It won't be on tonight because of the election. Now that I've returned Call the Midwife to the library I have no excuse to cry in front of the television tonight. Hopefully. Thank God for Netflix.


  1. Excuse me while I wipe the drool from reading about all of the delicious food you've been cooking! Would you care to share your recipe for shepherd's pie? I've never made it myself but would love to try!

    Because I'm ridiculous, I usually have 3-4 yarn projects going at once and find it very hard to choose one to take along on a trip. I say bring 'em all! Especially if you're already bringing a large carry-on ;)

    I'm also planning my post-birth meal. Including, but probably not limited to, a sub sandwich with cold deli meat and a large Dr. Pepper followed by a Moscow Mule or a Margarita.

    Enjoy your babymoon!

  2. I have been wanting chocolate like crazy lately! It's ridiculous haha.

  3. I also have a list of things to buy if the american dollar dips. Our library has season 4 available, if you have down time while you're hear. I cannot believe you just joined goodreads! Can't wait to see you this weekend!

  4. Goodreads is awesome! I love that I can see what everyone is reading and find new books that way. New books that I'm not worried I'll hate.

    I miss binge-watching shows. I miss being able to re-watch shows as well! How am I supposed to go back and watch LOST again so I can actually understand what happened, without wasting every evening from now until next year??

  5. I can't wait to see the baby's room! I want 10 more kids just so I can decorate their rooms and buy them clothes. All the food you're cooking sounds amazing. I've been so sick I've barely cooked lately. We had a frozen meal last night and I felt so ashamed. More so when I realized it takes NINETY MINUTES to cook and we were all hungry.

    I'm so behind on Call The Midwife. What season did Jenny leave? I stopped liking it then. Also I don't know how you watch that while pregnant. The birth scenes terrified me for life when I was pregnant with Gracie. But then again, we've both done it already so we know not to be (too) scared.

  6. I'm excited for the baby room too! I'm still stuck on the last episode of Season 3 of CTM. I just haven't been feeling it lately, even though I still like it. I also feel like the only person on the planet who doesn't looooooove This Is Us. I stopped watching after the second episode. But I also hated Parenthood and I feel like people who loved Parenthood also love This Is Us.

    Have a good trip!


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