September 01, 2016

Flying with a toddler.

Last year I rocked your world with some tips on flying with a baby. This year I thought I'd give you a couple helpful updates for the not-so-baby in your life.

We just got back from a week in southern Ontario and, while Parker did really well while we were there, it didn't matter what time our flights were at or how tired he was, that child fought sleeping on the airplane like he was the one flying it.

When it comes to flying with a toddler, the best advice I can give you is simple: Don't.

Instead of booking expensive airplane tickets, I recommend instead investing in transporter technology for those distances that are just too far to drive. Surely Gene Roddenberry was on to something way back in the day. We're sending people to Mars so I think we're clearly moments away from molecular transportation. Get on it, people, and do us all the favour of never having to get on an airplane with an over-tired toddler again.


  1. I *never* fly with a toddler. One step ahead of you.

  2. You are a brave soul. Flying by myself puts me on edge. I can imagine doing it with a toddler!

  3. You are so brave. I will take that advice when I have toddlers of my own someday! :) Unless of course the transporter is invented by then!

  4. You are a rockstar!!! I am terrified to fly with Emersyn when the time comes.


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