May 04, 2015

How are your feet?

I have a real post sitting half written in my draft folder. Coming at you sometime in the next seven days, I promise. Until then, you'll have to live with this little story from today. Because I have to eat my dinner and leave the house within the next ten minutes to get to a pre-natal class where they're going to traumatize me about breastfeeding, just like they traumatized me about medical interventions last week.

My co-worker and I are sitting at my desk today, frantically stuffing envelopes for a mailout that needs to happen first thing tomorrow morning. Thrilling, I know. She casually asks me how my feet are feeling. I say fine, thank you, and yours?

She says hers are fine, mine just look swollen so she thought she'd ask.

I look at my feet. They're a little warm looking, but they don't look particularly puffy, pudgy or engorged. They just look like my feet but red.

My co-worker thinks I have fat feet.

I'll be wearing winter boots to work tomorrow.


  1. Aww boo to the coworker!

  2. My coworker did the exact same thing to me! She's also the one who pointed out my waddle and made me cry in the bathroom. We need new coworkers.


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