March 07, 2015

So good.

Things that make me happy:

Warmer temperatures. Not being so distressed by winter that I can appreciate temperatures just below freezing. I had energy this morning that had to do with the lack of ice crystals in the air the sun being up before I got to work. Spring in Regina is different from spring in Victoria, but it’s almost sweeter when you know you’ve toiled through it. Talk to me in a year when I’ve been stuck inside with an infant, though, and we’ll see where I’m at.
Clearance sections. I’m frivolous, but I got a $30 shirt for $3 yesterday. 90% off might be my shopping love language. Scratch that because I got a $15 tank top for $1 and I’m not very good at fractions anymore, but is that like 93% off? Whatever it is, I felt like I was shoplifting I got such a good deal.

Michaels coupons. 40% your entire purchase of regular priced yarn? Did I just die and go to heaven? Blanket knitting heaven?

Cookies. I’ve made three different recipes this week and I’m totally baked out but I can definitely appreciate the spoils of my baking victories, if not the current state of my kitchen (chaos, anarchy, goblins).

Friends. Email me. Text me. Facebook me. Carrier pigeon me. I’m glad you’re in my life.

My bed. Best place on earth. Truly. Except our IKEA bed frame has picked up a new squeak and I only remember it when I’m crawling into bed and don’t have the energy to track it down and kill it.
Sweat pants. No one had better knock on our door this weekend because I’m going to be a knock out in those bad boys all weekend long.

Books. I’ve started a twelve-book series and I haven’t had any solid time to really lose myself in the second book. That’s what tomorrow’s for. Tea, oranges, and cookies in my rocking chair and sweatpants. Because you know how I feel about baked goods and sweatpants.
Oranges. I can’t get enough. At least two day, please, if not three. Big navel oranges are even better. I just need them in my life.
Iced Americanos. I don’t care how cold it is outside.
The baby’s room. It’s almost painted. We get the change table soon. The weather’s almost warm enough to open the windows. We’re going to buy a respirator mask and I’m going to paint the change table and whatever else gets in my way. Can I finally get around to chalkboard painting the office door? Is the closet door for baby’s room really hiding somewhere in our garage? Can we find it and paint it white? Buy little baskets and coat hangers for his impossibly small clothes? Get a new light fixture that isn’t brass? Find a carpet? Knit him a blanket? Set up the crib? Have a little cry? Wash teeny socks? Find a glider? CAN I PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE?

The weekend. Two days to do whatever I want. Bring it on.


  1. What kind of clearance racks are you visiting? I never find steals like that!

    Hahaha. Everything you said about the baby's room. I can relate! All I have left to do is hang things on the wall, but my nesting nearly vanished this past week. I don't like it. I can't wait to see pictures of the baby's room! Do you have a specific theme/colors going on?

  2. Oh how I love clearance racks! They are the best. ;)

  3. Yay painting! What color, did you find a gray you liked?

    Cheap clothes are the bomb diggity. I can't wait to go shopping for reals again someday.

  4. 90% off is totally my shopping love language too haha


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