March 27, 2015

Lately. Again.

Cheers to the weekend!

I had a crazy (like practicing my bounty hunter skills crazy) morning at work. Then a co-worker found a spare IKEA dark chocolate bar in her desk and gave it to me. I ate half of the stupid thing without even really realizing it. It was just so creamy and good and sane. And then the caffeine and sugar kicked in and I swear my hair was vibrating from it all. 

Last night we set up the baby’s room. And by “set up the baby’s room” I mean I vacuumed and we put together the crib. Then I reorganized the three pieces of furniture half a dozen times before getting them in some sort of formation that didn’t keep me up at night. Rest assured, I’m not happy with it yet but it was unwrong enough that I could walk away at 9:30 and not be stressed out. And now that we have furniture in there I can focus on the other important stuff like making the room not echo.

I have this weird fascination with faux animal skin rugs right now. We’re getting one of the IKEA sheepskin ones and Jysk has a zebra skin one I can’t stop thinking about. Does this make me a psychopath? I even had the thought that it would be so cool to get a real goat skin rug because I love goats! Then I realized that might make me a total lunatic, wanting the actual dead skin of an animal I love under my feet. But only after it had been milked, cheesed, soaped, and put in a stew.

I might be psychotic.

We’re at that grownup stage in our lives where we’d really like to get a big area rug for our living room. The bigger the better, I just don’t want to spent mortgage payment on it. I found some nice ones for $250 online, but it feels like a big commitment (no pun intended) for something you’ve never actually seen in person. That and we should probably buy baby things first because they’re more of an imminent need. But a big beautiful rug will be important for tummy time, too. I’m just hoping that someone gives us a blank cheque as a shower gift and tells us to go nuts and buy whatever will make us the most sane parents we can be. It’s pretty obvious an area rug would fall under that banner of sanity.

It’s a good thing we don’t have a lot of floor space that I’m okay with rugging. I feel like the baby is bringing on this weird obsession in me.

My mom comes at 12:01 am. We are going to drink so much tea and find so many sales over the next week. I need to hit the thrift stores hard to fill the walls of my boy’s room. I hurt my foot last week going for a walk and it’s finally feeling better. So we’re going to hit the gym, too. You know, walking for the first time in a week to the sweet scenes of HGTV. That and the snow is going away. Again. Forever and ever amen.

I have a dream of sitting on our deck, drinking tea and eating scones. As long as the snow melts off our patio furniture and the sun shines I don’t care how many layers I need to wear. This is my goal. This is my dream.

Now, time to live the before part of the dream and finish the housework.


  1. Skip the goat rug; buy a real goat. Problem solved. Bonus: You'll never have to mow your lawn again.

  2. I'm the same way when it comes to rugs, I just can't seem to take the plunge and spend the money haha.

  3. Ditto Angi: buy a goat. I'm trying to talk James into this for the future.

    Rugs make me want to cry. So expensive. The sizing! And I know I'll be sick of it in 6 months. We got a cheap one from ikea for our living room. The size is all wrong, but I don't even care. I feel like renting gives me this excuse. We were going to get a faux sheepskin rug for the baby's room too, but James asserted his opinion, which is rare for him, and we wound up with something else I thankfully love.


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