November 25, 2014


Looking at pictures of peoples' instagramed hot chocolates with mini marshmallows in them fills me with a longing like none other. I went so far as to buy mini marshmallows the other day but haven't gotten around to actually making hot chocolate with the mini marshmallows. I'm not sure I really want it, I just love the idea of it.

I love the Minimalist Baker blog. I've made their pumpkin soup, biscuits, and pumpkin swirl cheesecake in the last month or so since discovering it. The soup I've made twice. The cheesecake (made with tofu, so no actual cheesecake) I made the mistake of eating right before bed. My dreams involved eating really dense cake and dealing with bad guys at the same time.

I almost accidentally deleted my entire iTunes library. I found it, but it was a distressing three minutes. I found out when I tried to put on the Relient K Christmas CD and it was MIA and so was pretty much everything else. It's okay, while it all restores itself to its right and proper folder YouTube is filling the void.

I made blueberry muffins yesterday for the first time ever. I took a recipe for reference and then completely bastardized it to suit my needs. It was the closest I've ever come to not using a recipe. I felt powerful. Karl was sceptical but after he ate four muffins for dessert I figured he approved. 

I decorated this weekend. Last week was an exhausting week at work and it was perfect. We're going away this next weekend and then it's December so it was necessary.

I have to say, having a mantle is wonderful. I haven't quite mastered decorating it yet, but I expanded into the realm of garland this year so I'm branching out. All we need is a baby Jesus sitting in our unused fireplace/manger and it'll be like the first Christmas all over again. I will drum on the Tupperware to make it really authentic.

I can't believe that we start advent calendaring on Monday. This year I'm sharing in the joy by co-parenting a tea advent calendar with a co-worker. It might be the only thing that keeps me going to the office next month. It's really hard to work when you have a Christmas tree that needs to be stared at, candles that need to be burnt, and cookies that need to be baked. Not to mention a husband that needs to be coerced into a haircut for a Christmas photo, let alone the photo itself. And, of course, Christmas movies that need to be watched.

I watched A Christmas Story 2 with Karl on Sunday. Did you know that was even a thing? There's a little less fa-ra-ra-ra-raing but it was still entertaining. Not as good as the old school original (this one's from 2012) but I liked it enough up until I fell asleep at the end. To be fair, though, I'd had a rough night digesting faux-cheesecake in lieu of getting a proper sleep.

Speaking of sleep, my bed is calling.


  1. I wish I could make vegan cheesecake. I mean, I can...but I have to make the kind that uses cashews or something and those are like $80 a pound. Turtle cheesecake sounds good right now.

    All you people with your fireplaces. WHATEVER.

    I can't believe it's almost December...but I'm happy about it. I had no idea there was even a Christmas Story 2 in existence. I need to watch it now.

  2. I love your decorations! :) I wish our new house had a mantle.


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