April 24, 2014

I could DIE.

Today was a big day in our lives in Regina. Big. Huge. Collosus. So big that I don't even think I can tell you in words how monumentally life changing it was. But I'll try because I've come this far already.

Today was the day that things started turning green.

Yes! You read that right. While the blossoms were peeking out right around January 1st at home, today was the first day the grass decided to show a little colour other than brown here in the elbow of Saskatchewan (not to be confused with Elbow, Saskatchewan, where my grandfather was born).

We had a lot of rain yesterday. I practically salivated over all the non-fluffy condensation. Rain. It's a west coaster's original love and hate relationship. We hate it because dang it never goes away and we reallllly wanted to have a BBQ this weekend, but we love it because it keeps everything so lush, so fresh, and it almost never turns into snow because it's so balmy all year round. Displaced west coasters yearn for rain like addicts crave their next hits. Yep, yesterday had some gooood stuff. It did not disappoint.

I asked one of my co-workers if she thought the rain would turn things green, but she was sceptical, saying that it would need to be warmer. Well, joke's on her because I, like every good west coaster, know that it doesn't take much rain to rejuvenate the world and bring forth the new hope of GREEN.

I had a grumpy morning so I decided to go home for lunch and treat myself to a hot chocolate (almond milk, chocolate chips, microwave, frother, boom, you're welcome) which I never do. There's something about a nice day that makes me feel like the world is full of possibilities, so I cranked up my Switchfoot song, rocked my brand new and utterly amazing sunglasses, opened the sun roof, and rocked out half way home. That is, until I saw. Seriously, it was all I could do not to drive my car into the meridian on the highway and roll around in the grass when I saw the bits of green peeking out amidst the brown. I was so giddy I wanted to shriek. (I may or may not have.) I wanted to take at least eight pictures of the grass and Instagram every single one of them.

I wanted someone to be there to share in my heartfelt joy that, holy cow, they weren't lying! Winter does end here eventually. There may be a bit of snow in the forecast for later this week but you can't blow out this green spark once it's lit. It's like a freaking fuse and we're about to ignite in the glory of the warmth and the GREEN. It's like a rebellion and, everyone knows, you can't stop the signal.

It was so green I could DIE.

Part of me wants to take my car shovel (yes, it's a survival tool here in the elbow) and sneak outside tonight to bring in a patch of grass and put it in our dining room. We have the space, and I think it would really cheer things up in here. I'm not sure, though, but our landlord might get fined by the condo association if we get caught. In less than two months, though, I can drink my hot chocolate on my own lawn. Front and back and, oh, I can't imagine it would turn brown by then. Mmm... green...

Sorry, still fantasizing about rolling around in it. I just want to hug it.


  1. Hahahaha that really is SO EXCITING. Our grass just started turning green a few weeks ago and I had the exact same reaction. Now the leaves are coming out and flowers are blooming like crazy, and I just want to bask in it all day.

  2. I FEEL YOU! It rains here SO MUCH that our grass never really turns completely brown (although it's about 1% grass and 99% weeds) but it also never gets warm enough for flowers to bloom until like...May or June. I think it's a bit colder than Victoria although similar weather patterns. So, no flowers here yet. The trees are JUST now starting to get tiny little buds on them and I may or may not have gotten almost as excited when our Japanese maple started showing tiny little signs of life last week.



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