March 07, 2014

You can leave your shoes on.

When it became clear that Karl and I were moving, I decided to make a little video tour of our first home together. And when I say "when it became clear that Karl and I were moving" what I really mean is that the day before we started packing I finally got on it.

Is this weird? I dunno, but I think it's worth remembering. All 600ish square feet of it.

I'm pretty impressed by my lack of excessive "ums" and moderately steady hand. Less impressive is my loud, nervous gasping as I talk to myself at the beginning. 

Aren't those tulips lovely? My co-workers bought them for me before my last day.

Confession, our closet was usually messier than that. And that's pretty tidy for the laundry room.

I never found the two missing pieces to the puzzle.

There was something like 10 boxes of books.

I hope you enjoyed the little tour. Next time? Another tour.


  1. This is such a great idea! And your place was adorable...I love the wall color in your entryway/kitchen!

  2. I LOVE THIS!!! So many thoughts.

    1) Your voice sounds exactly like I would have imagined it to sound. Also, "I thought I would do a little video of our place before we move OOT"...perfection. I love it.

    2) Your little basement house is so cute! Sometimes tiny living spaces are a pain in the buttocks but you did a great job making it look cozy instead of cramped.

    3) YOU WOULD have a polka dot shower curtain!

    4) Wrapping paper on the windows because of giant spiders on the other side...I literally LOL'ed while watching that.

    5) Now I'm extra sad that you moved (despite still being over the top thrilled for you) because I really want to hang out with you. Boo hiss sad face.

    6) Did I miss the yarn in this video or did you hide it away somewhere? ;)

  3. LOVE! You sound so Canadian. It's awesome. It reminds me of Robin on How I Met Your Mother when she's in full Canadian mode.

    Our first place was about the same size! Nice to move onto bigger and better things, but I will always cherish our little shoebox.

    I love your shower curtain. The wrapping paper cracked me up. BRILLIANT. The green walls are so cheerful!


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