February 28, 2014

We're halfway there.

If you just started singing Bon Jovi then I think we're on the same wave length today.

We left our home sweet island home at 5:30 yesterday morning to catch the 7 a.m. boat to the continent. Doesn't that make us sound fancy? Boating to the continent and all that.

After a weekend of horrible road conditions (read: avalanches, accidents and road closures), the highways were nice and clear for us on our drive East yesterday. There were a couple times when things were a little less than ideal, but I didn't have to drive on snow or ice until ten minutes away from our destination. We encountered a bit of a snow drift on the highway, which may or may not have led to me getting stuck and Dad saving the day. Karl was in the U-Haul behind us ready to lend a hand if needed. 

We made it, though, and are spending today in Alberta with Christopher, Natalie, and Michael as a bit of a rest day before finishing up out little journey tomorrow morning.

It's going to be stupid cold in Regina tomorrow, but we're hoping that unloading takes less than an hour and goes incredibly smoothly. And then I start work on Monday! Yes, I'm tired just thinking about it.

What I'm really looking forward to is sitting down to dinner tomorrow night in some restaurant, knowing that all our stuff is safely in our garage just waiting to be partially unpacked. (Seriously, the first thing I am  going to go digging for is going to be our Keurig. I'll wear sweatpants on Sunday as long as I can have a coffee that morning.)

For now, though, we're enjoying our little impromptu visit with the Alberta Mortons.

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  1. Whooooaaa---livin' on a prayer!

    Happy you have an awesome new job, happy you didn't die in an avalanche, happy you're almost there, happy to chat with you today...! Have fun with the in-laws!


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