December 01, 2013

And here we go.

I don't have much to say today. So there'll probably be 1000+ words of nonsense below.

We had an insanely busy week. Tonight's the first night since Monday where we don't have anywhere to be or anyone over to entertain. I decided to celebrate by spending the last hour of my life going through a painful amount of painfully terrible photos of Karl and I for our Christmas photo. Which was painful. I ended up editing (terribly) a couple and just ordering ten each from Walmart. I figure if they're the worst thing ever they were only $3.00 and we can always take another. If they're passable then success. They go in the mail/cards. They will not be as good as last year's, let me tell you.

Who do you send your Christmas photos to? Last year we delivered photos along with cookies to some of our favourite people. We also mailed them to a few people we knew we wouldn't see, like Karl's brother and sister-in-law who, BY THE WAY, brought new life into the world this morning bright and early. His name is Michael James and he is perfect. I mean, I haven't heard how many fingers and toes he has yet, but whatever, he's got a head and at least one ear so we're good! I am for realsies an auntie (Aunty? Someone help me out here...) and stoked. In 19 days we get to meet the little guy.

Okay, here's a photo:

The first thing I thought when I saw him was, holy cow, that's his daddy, Christopher. When I showed Mom the picture she couldn't get over how much he looks like Karl. Yep, that child is definitely a Morton. There's also a lot of Natalie in there, too. No question as to who this kid belongs to.

So Christmas photos. Who do you send them to? Family? I feel like that's a lot to ask of people, to put our amature photos of us scowling at each other up on their fridges. I mean, if anyone gets our picture they had better put it up in a place of honour. Because we're really good looking people. Clearly.

Speaking of family, I've been meaning to share this with you folks for ages, but have failed utterly and miserably. My cousin ZoĆ« has made a food blog, Healthy Hungry Student. It's great because she can't eat everything either, although her dietary restrictions are different than mine, and she has a chocolate covered strawberry recipe that I cannot WAIT to try. I'm thinking of bringing them to one of the Christmas things we have going on. If strawberries are even still in season.

I, like everyone else, put up our tree yesterday. It was fabulous. It's been a rainy (but not disgustingly cold) weekend, so doing stuff around home is perfect. All I want to do is knit and watch movies.

Oh, guess what? I've started running again. Hello, Couch to 5k! It is so much easier the second time around. Not only do I have fabulous new shoes, but I also work out on the regular now (I know, who have I become?) so any kind of movement is easier. Last year starting off by running one minute and walking for 90 seconds eight times was agony. This time it's almost fun. Except for when I have to run up hills. No one likes running up hills. If you do, I don't want to know, you psychopath.

Aaaaand speaking of new shoes, I got my Christmas present today. I know it's early, but we decided that my gift this year was a pair of good quality boots so I've been keeping my eyes open for the past few weeks to try and get something nice. Being someone with "athletic" legs (aka, chubby) it can be hard to find boots that don't cut off my circulation and look nice. Today I was successful. They were an investment. And $50 off.

There's something about December that makes me want to blog more. Lucky you.


  1. Cute baby!!! Congrats on becoming an auntie! I can't believe he has so much hair! I'm jealous.

    My favorite pair of boots that I got last year just decided to have their heels/soles fall off. Go figure right? I may have had a meltdown when I found out. I need a new pair.

    This year, our card may only consist of our baby. I mean, she's the only one they want to see, right? Right.

  2. I've never had a favorite pair of boots - until now. I might post a picture. Maybe. But they're awesome and I love them and I've never had a boot I loved before. So I'm pretty pumped.

    I'm doing the Couch to 5k again right now, too. Well, I use the term "again" loosely considering I've never actually finished it before. This time I'm pretty determined, though. I finished week 2 right before we left to Juneau...and now I haven't run in a week and I'm concerned I'll have to do week 2 all over again. We'll see. It was pretty easy so maybe not.

    Christmas photos...we only really send them to family we know would be upset if we didn't. My mom and sister, his parents and brother/sister in law, my grandmothers and one of my aunts, his grandpa and his other grandma and one of his uncles...that's about it for family. We send a few out to friends, more just for fun than the assumption that anyone actually wants a physical photo of us. I'll send you one if you send me one.

  3. We don't take our own "family photos" yet, my parents just include us in theirs that they send out. And I'm a brand-new first time auntie too--our little nephew is 2 weeks old, we'll get to see him for the first time over Christmas!


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