October 07, 2013

Truly, I believe in a thing called love.

I have had a miserable last couple weeks. Miserable. Part of that has to do with adjusting to my new job, the weather turning from beautiful to disgusting and miserable over night, and the fact that my hormones have been all out of whack. I'm talking wacky out of whack. And that's why I've been neglectful.

This might be over sharing, but my doctor suggested I give skipping the sugar pills in my birth control a try to deal with my migraines. He thought the breaks in hormones might be causing them. I skipped two sugar pill breaks and about five days into my third pack, I decided I needed a break. I could feel myself being more emotional than I ought to be and blamed the obvious culprit: the pill shaped hormones. I basically tried to show my birth control who was boss, and it retaliated by making me even more emotional. 

At first I blamed the hormonalness on goat cheese. Because guess what? This girl right here can enjoy goat's dairy. And, oh, she has been.

Let me tell you, going five months without any kind of dairy and the only "cheese" I've consumed is Daiya (it's vegan, has zero nutritional value and must be melted to be enjoyable) and then having goat cheese is glorious. It's blissful. There is no worldly substitute for cheese. I've always liked goat cheese, but been more of a feta girl myself. Goat cheese can be a little... much. Well, right now I say give me goat cheese over cookies. Just right now, though. I already had a piece of cake tonight.

Goat cheese. Goat yogurt. YES, PLEASE.

Why did no one tell me goat yogurt tastes so much like greek yogurt? I made tzatziki the other night AND IT ACTUALLY TASTED LIKE TZATZIKI. FYI, tzatziki made out of coconut yogurt is the worst idea ever, and with almond yogurt it's at least edible but I do not recommend it.

Anyway, I had a couple obscenely bad mornings and I thought it might be the goat cheese. I'm pretty sure it's not and I just tried to play God with my hormones and lost. Thankfully. I just bought more goat cheese at Costco yesterday because, hello, ridiculously good deal and I've had a ROUGH couple of weeks. If that doesn't deserve a nice, soft cheese I don't know what does.

That said, I have to be careful with my goat dairy. It has to be exclusively goat. No other farm animals welcome.

You're probably wondering if I regret taking so long to try the goat dairy. The answer is no. Absence makes the cheese taste that much more heavenly.

Anyway, this blog is not for raging about stupid, hormonal stuff. Anymore. Because with obscenely and embarrassingly long intervals between posts I need to remind you why you love me and not leave you shaking your head and wondering why, like I do after every episode of Grey's Anatomy Karl makes me watch, WHYYYYYY do I even bother with this crap?

And, on that note, I have a four day week and then a four day weekend. Yes, it's Thanksgiving in Canada. Jealous? We also have free health care which you may not think you want but, trust me, you do. My goal is to post again before I go back to work. I have stuff to say but also a strong desire to get some knitting in tonight. So keep me accountable? I know you miss me.

Now, I'm going to leave you with a story of something that happened a couple weeks ago. You may be familiar with it already, but I'm sharing it anyway.

It was Friday night after another long week at my new job. It was raining and my mom was away. That meant that not did I have to walk home from work but also that I had to walk her dog as soon as I got home, too. After a long rainy week, the last thing I wanted was to walk for an hour. Outside. When we had to be at some friends' for dinner in less than an hour. That live twenty minutes away. And I needed to bring desert but didn't have time to make anything. So I had to go to the grocery store and, by golly, I was going to bring a bottle of wine to dinner, too, because that's polite, classy, almost makes up for the grocery store brownies, and yay the week is finally over.

My phone was dead and Karl got home 45 minutes late, so I borrowed his phone while mine charged and then bolted to the grocery store. It was 6:15 and we said we'd be there at 6:30. I was a little stressed.

I made it in and out of the grocery store in record time. The brownies I wanted were even on sale. Finally, things were going smoothly.

I called home on the way to the car, in the rain, but Karl didn't answer. I got in the car, still feeling stressed, and turned the key. The car and the radio turned on. And this was what I heard:

I was so grateful. This song always cheers me up. It is the most fun you'll ever have singing along to a song. And it's the kind of song you want to hear while in the car, on a rainy Friday afternoon, while you're stressed out and brining brownies home. It makes everything better.

You'd better believe I sang along.

I got home, locked the brownies in the car, said a loud, rude word, unlocked the brownies from the car, grabbed Karl's phone, and noticed something.

I was making a phone call. I had been making a phone call for the last 4 1/2 minutes. To a number I didn't recognize.

I got inside and shoved the phone in Karl's face. I told him what I did. I asked him who I'd called.

His dentist. I'd called his dentist.

His dentist's office has an answering machine.

His dentist's office heard me wailing (truly, the only accurate word to describe it) along to I Believe in a Thing Called Love.

Do I know all the words? No. Can I hit the high notes? I don't know, ask your dog.

And, that night, I had a dream. In that dream, Karl's dentist's office called to let me know I was overdue for a cleaning. Oh, and to thank me for my message.



  1. I *do* miss your blogs!!!

    I don't even know, why does Canada celebrate Thanksgiving? Must be some different history behind yours. ;)

    The US version of "free healthcare" is not quite the same as the Canadian version. So no, I do not want it here. :)

    I love that song!!

    Oh and I'm happy you finally found some dairy you can eat! I wish they sold coconut or almond yogurt here, though. Nowhere to be found...

  2. I love it when you post :)

    I second Angi on the Thanksgiving. What's your story? They literally teach us NOTHING about Canada down here. Forgive my ignorance.

    Goat cheese is so wonderful, but in small doses. It's intense. But wonderful. I am so glad you two have found each other. I think I might need to try more of it, because I have my issues with dairy too.

    Oh, and the hormones! Ugh. Feel you. The pill completely ruined me while I was on it. Everything about me is so much more...steady...when I don't take the pill.

    That is one of my favorite songs EVER. I was even listening to it on the way home from work yesterday. Puts me in the best mood.

    I also have to second Angi's statement about US free healthcare vs. Canadian free healthcare. Somehow, our free healthcare is actually costing me way more than it used to. Hmm. Anyway, I might be Canadian one of these days ;)

  3. I third Angi on Thanksgiving. And a third on the health insurance business. If things get worse here in the good ol' US of A, Mike and I are thinking of moving further north... =)

    Goat cheese is my favorite. And goat yogurt! Yum.

    Also, the dentist thing just about killed me. I think my coworkers just gave me a slant-eyed look for laughing like a hyena in my office... =)

  4. I freaking LOVE goat cheese. It's good on everything and with everything. Okay, maybe not ice cream.. but I've never tried it. And Costco really does have the best deal on it.

    I've actually never heard of that song before, but that video is insane.

    Nick actually thought it would be really cool for me to give birth in Canada because then she'd have dual citizenship. Maybe for our next kid. I mean, we DO live only 5 minutes from the border ;)

  5. Glad you're back with another stellar post!

    Our Thanksgiving is more about the celebration of harvest, right? I don't even really know. I just know I get to eat Stove Top (it really is better than any homemade stuffing I've had)!

    Who decided to create hormones anyhow? Yes, I know the answer, but really, they suck when you are on the pill, they suck when you aren't, and they suck when you are pregnant. It's draining!

    I'm sure if I wasn't used to having to pay higher taxes in order to have health care, and then they all of a sudden changed that, it would take some getting used to. But I am glad we have it and I don't have to pay thousands of dollars to have my children. Because that seems silly.

    Thanks for telling the dentist story again! Love it!


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