October 22, 2013

Amazing. Beautiful. Perfect.

I was in a course today. I wore the same dress as I wore to a course a couple weeks ago with the same instructor. How embarrassing.

Just kidding. No one cares.

You know what is embarrassing? Crappy customer service. I'm dealing with that with an online company right now. I won't mention any names yet because I haven't found out if they're going to pull through and make me happy I did business with them. If they don't, though, I promise to publicly shame them on my blog. They'll never recover.

Kind of like Greyhound. I will never again ride Greyhound after they ripped me off two and a half years ago. Jerks!

I have power.

This weekend I went to a fundraising gala for a school in Uganda. I ended up making new friends. Friends! Finally! After three months of going to our new church and feeling like a minority group (married, mid to late twenties without spawn), unwilling to take the big steps of actually checking out small groups full of strangers, I met people. Mid to late twenties people without spawn. I didn't know those still existed.

We hit it off like a barn on fire (or however the saying goes) and they invited us to join their small group. I've never done much dating (fun fact: my first date ended up in marriage... eventually) but I feel like I'd be good at it. Basically I blind dated our new friends and I think I impressed them. I mean, they want to see me again, right? Sure, I came home and over analyzed everything I said to them and I'm pretty sure they're only interested in me because a) they think I'm mentally handicapped and/or drunk to have word vomited so much or b) they're just really nice people.

Long story short, I can tell that we've met our new best friends. We'll have kids at the same time, move into the same neighbourhood, name our future spawn after one another, have board game nights, do pregnant yoga, and consume a lot of (de)caffeinated beverages together. It's going to be amazing and beautiful and perfect.

Unless they ever find out I have a blog, in which case they're probably getting a restraining order right now.

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  1. I do hope that thing with that company works out, but on the other hand, I do love me a good public shaming...

    Yay friends!


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