May 27, 2013

We're in trouble.

My hormones were confused this weekend. True story.

We went to two birthday parties on Saturday, because we're incredibly popular and apparently our two friends were having birthday parties on the same day. Just kidding, although 90% of our friends were seen this at BBQs in one form or another.

BBQ/birthday party #1 was for a former coworker. You know, from when I actually watched Douglas Street.  He's turning 31 tomorrow. Our friends are old. His wife also just had their second child a couple months ago. They make adorable babies, for the record.

Anyway, there were probably five or six other couples there, all with kids under three. There were even baby girls. I haven't seen one up close for quite a while so it was kind of like being at a zoo and seeing a liger. We don't have zoos where I come from unless you count the petting zoo. So a real zoo with a ligre is totally a big deal.

My close friends all have boys. One of out five that are having babies this year is having a girl (for sure), but I'm pretty sure my friend Caity is having a girl, too. Call it optimism, but the first child to know me as it's aunt is going to be a girl or a seriously gender confused boy. Just kidding, it's a girl. Trust me.

Anyway, Karl and I were in a serious minority. Forget about the fact that we were a few years younger than everyone else there and just imagine how out of place we were. Everyone kept looking at us like we'd forgotten our baby in the car and were analysing my lunch bump trying to find hidden meaning.

Everyone was super nice, though, and I totally bonded with the elusive baby girl that was sitting next to me. She did a number on my level-headedness with her brunette parents and adorable strawberry blonde hair. I mean, my husband has red in his beard. That's hope right there, folks.

There were no babies at the next BBQ, aside from the one currently shacked up in Caity's uterus, but I'm pretty used to its presence.

Fast forward to Sunday. I had a hard time sleeping Saturday night because some of my favourite people were coming over after church. The Sevenhuysens!

I have basically been in love with Calvin since he popped out of Larissa 13 1/2 months ago and I got to meet him the next day.


Anyway, they moved away at the beginning of October and we haven't seen them since New Years's. We only had an afternoon to hang out so that we did. I even ordered a dairy free cake (more for my own selfish purposes than anything, admittedly).

The cake wasn't amazing because I opted for a port and fig filling which just made it taste like a fig newton that could get you drunk on. Next time I buy chocolate. I was trying to people please but failed. It tasted like an old person's funeral. I still had two pieces, though. It just needed a cup of coffee to wash it down.

The flower was the best part and I ate it all.

Getting reacquainted on the drive from the ferry.

My husband loves this kid, too.

Calvin and Tim.

Caity and Larissa. Due in August and October respectively.

With all the maternal hormones flying around between these two how could I not be affected?

This. This is what my hormones were getting confused about. 

Until we meet again next month, friends.

As you can see, there were a lot of babies going around this weekend. Karl and I had to come home, shake our heads and remember that we have plans. Those plans involve being childless long enough to spoil our friends kids like crazy while we can still afford to. Those plans do not involve tiny little Karl and Annas any time soon.

But we'd be happy to babysit your baby.


  1. "Forget about the fact that we were a few years younger than everyone else there and just imagine how out of place we were. Everyone kept looking at us like we'd forgotten our baby in the car and were analysing my lunch bump trying to find hidden meaning." <---This is HILARIOUS. I'm cracking up. This is how everyone at our church treats us. We are total oddballs for not having kids yet, but we're totally ok with it! Except yeah, ok, I still have baby fever.

  2. Haha, how crazy. Nick's church is FILLED with babies and pregnant women. It's actually rare to NOT have a baby right after you get married. I know how it feels. But, alas, here we are having a baby. I'll let you babysit if you get baby fever. Just don't forget your passport ;)


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