January 04, 2013

New Year, let's review.

It's tea and cookie time. It really shouldn't be cookie time, considering the amount of disgustingness I've consumed over the past week or two, but I don't always do what I should. For instance, I put myself on a chocolate diet after Christmas. That means that I eat all my Christmas chocolate as fast as I want and then once it's gone I have no more chocolate and don't eat any more. Since I don't buy myself chocolate, aside from the odd 70% Lindt bar, this logic might be a little flawed, but I enjoy gorging myself and then feeling superior. Best to get it out of the way, am I right?

Eating a lot of chocolate and cookies has also been really detrimental to my running program. As in it's shut it down completely. I've learned that I can't run when all I've have to eat is junk. I've also learned that I don't do well after first thing in the morning runs, although that's unrelated. I need fuel to get me going, and that fuel can't be in the form of sugar. Who knew nutrition mattered?

Anyway, enough about that. Let's talk about my end of year/beginning of year and all that jazz.

Well, our good and lovely friends Tim, Larissa and baby Calvin (whom I have an obscene amount of love for) were in town for a couple days this week. We hadn't seen them since they unceremoniously moved to Edmonton at the beginning of October and deprived us of some excellent board game competition and baby snuggles. I guess we'll always have our failed camping memories.

To honour their brief visit, Karl and I (okay, I) decided to have a bit of an open house on Sunday. (It was actually inspired by the open house held by some of our friends on Christmas Eve. Apparently they do it every year, so we decided, after having a lovely evening with my dad, to head over there. Well, it turned out to be just us and their family. That was all good since we used their children in our wedding and they're kind of our favourite people. We like to follow in their footsteps. No joke, we bought their old car. That's how much we like them. Anyway, it was a lot of fun so I borrowed the idea.) Tim was only in town until the next afternoon because of work, and most of our friends were headed up to a "cabin" (read: giant freaking house) in Sooke for the New Year. We had to work so were going up Monday afternoon, after Tim left, taking Larissa and Calvin with us. Basically, Tim needed to see everyone, and everyone that wasn't going to Sooke needed to get in their Calvin cuddles and Larissa socialization.

Okay, I hope you're still with me.

Open house. It was lots of fun, even though it was only two hours long. Can I just say, 3 to 5 on a Sunday afternoon was the perfect length and time frame to have several people over. Seriously. Two hours that felt like a whole day and then it was done and we could move on with our lives. And by move on with our lives I mean play some serious Ticket to Ride Europe while we could.

I tied for first with Larissa, but only because it was my first time playing Europe.

Karl got to fulfil his long term goal of bonding with Calvin.

If you think Calvin's well dressed here, you're right. Just wait until later, though.
And, yes, Karl is wearing an Angry Birds shirt. I am the best wife.

Monday, the final day of 2012 if you're keeping track, Karl, Larissa, Calvin, and I headed out to the "cabin" for some New Year's festivities with 20 of our friends. We're basically party animals. With an 8 1/2 month old.

Party. Animal.

The "cabin" was huge. There weren't beds for everyone, but it had something like three bathrooms, an ocean view, a games room, three or four bedrooms, two TVs, and a hot tub. It was pretty massive. When I'm a millionaire and can afford a Coach purse I might need a place that big. Maybe.

It was a pretty low key New Year's, but we were instructed to dress up for dinner. Some girls just love getting dressed up; I'm on the fence. Not wanting to look like a hobo in photos, I participated. 

Heather, Caity, and I. Because blazers are so dressy.

Although it may look like we're getting ready for a night on the town, we're actually just getting gussied up to go downstairs. An hour or so later I was back in my normal clothes. Four hours to midnight, a chilly house, and floor sitting did not encourage long-term dress wearing. 

Karl doesn't believe in dressing up on demand. Calvin dresses down, but he can get away with it.
Like the onesie? I'm weak. Baby's first polka dots.

All in all, New Year's was a good time. I stayed up until 1:30 then went and crashed on the floor in a room with five other girls. I'm not sure if I dreamt it or not, but I'm pretty sure someone stepped on me while I slept. I can neither confirm nor deny.

Friends! Ocean! Tired people! Group photo. (Heather, Caity, MEEEEE, Larissa)

The next day we dropped Larissa and Calvin off at her in-laws and, after big hugs, said our goodbyes. Sad times. I then slept for an hour in the car, waking up only for Tim Hortons and a whole new car sleeping experience. Massive sweater sleeve indents on the middle of my face. We spent five minutes trying to massage them out in the parking lot before going in to Timmy's. I only thought to take a picture once they were mostly gone and it didn't turn out. Go figure.

Once at home I brought in 2013 by having another two hour nap on the couch while Karl played video games. Then we had leftover cheesy spinach dip for dinner because I was in a sleep coma. I'd made it for our open house but had served it cold. When I warmed it up I couldn't help but think of another New Year's and my experience with warm spinach. Thankfully there was no vomit this time, although I did go easy on the dip. Just in case. No one needs to bring in the new year covered in their own puke. Am I right?

On another note, sorry if you hate baby photos, but you're just going to have to deal. You've made it this far, so it's all good. If you don't like Calvin pictures you probably weren't held enough as a child and need a hug. You'll be happy to know there won't be any more baby photos for a while after today because I'm not sure the next time we'll see Calvin and by then he probably won't be cute and lovable any more. (LIES!)

In about... 7 months, though, I'll probably be posting more photos of babies because I'm going to be a freaking aunt. No, Karl's brothers haven't impregnated anyone (that I'm aware of), but my oldest and dearest friend, Caity, has gone and gotten herself in the family way. (She's going to get so fat!) So, naturally, being an only child I have staked my aunthood claim. Karl is also very (inwardly) excited to be an uncle by association. My heart will probably explode this summer. I don't know how much room there is in it, but I think it's going to be ripping at the seams come August. It's going to have to fit another whole person in it.

Okay, I'm not quite done with 2012 yet, but I am done with this day. It's bed time, yo. 

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  1. I love the pictures and a cabin on NYE sounds amazing! :)


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