December 13, 2012

Where I'm at.

Confession: Blogging is not the same when I'm not doing it at work.

Other confession: I have less interest in reading blogs/blogging this week. There are only a couple I'm still reading dailyish. I'm failing at commenting, too. Basically I'm anti social.

I'm tired. New jobs are exhausting, even when they only involve filing for the first couple days. I like to eat my lunch in my cubicle because if I only take half an hour I get to go home at 4. The sun is still out at 4.

4:30, when I get home. Sun. More or less.

I did some deep thinking today and realized the difference between younger me and mid-twenties me. Younger me wanted lots of friends and would have wanted to be friends with all the cool people at work (because everyone there seems pretty cool). Mid-twenties me doesn't want friends, she just wants to go home and sleep/knit/watch Christmas or zombie movies simultaneously. Friends get in the way of that. Besides, I have some friends. Why do I need more?

Don't worry, come summer when life slows down I'm going to be all sorts of lonely and wanting more friends. But who needs real friends with close proximity when I have blogging friends? I will now hide my head in shame that I just admitted that.

I now walk to and from work everyday. No parking does that to me. I think it's going to be my mental break from the day. I also just figured out how to get audiobooks from the library. Tomorrow's walk is going to involve a book I fell in love with as a pre-teen. We'll see how that goes.

Fact: I'm still filing. The finance department is now using my insane filing skills. Yep, I'm breaking out of my HR mould already.

Other fact: I wanted to go to bed at 10. It's almost 11. I still need to shower. My new hair is surprisingly low maintenance. That's unrelated. I got distracted by catching up on a couple blogs and fighting with my computer to download an audiobook. Apparently it wouldn't go onto my phone but would go on my iPod. So much technology! First world problem.

I decided today that I'm going to buy my brother in law that hates everything and needs nothing one of these for Christmas. This was going to be our first married year without giving to Blood:Water Mission, but I'm weak. I think that's okay. For the record, my brother in law is still going to get a Toblerone or something, too. I hope he doesn't throw an ungrateful fit. If someone gave me a latrine for Christmas I would probably die of happiness. But I'd still want a Michaels gift card because I'm greedy.

I just get so tired of buying people things they don't want. I hate buying for the sake of buying.

Tomorrow Karl and I are going to finish our Christmas shopping. I'm going to wrap everything on Saturday, I think, so I'm just... ready. Life is nuts. I want Christmas to be ready.

I missed recycling day today. It's not usually a big issue but since the next one is in two weeks it might be. Because Christmas will just be over by then. And that's why I'm wrapping gifts this weekend. Now you know. I'm also going to distribute Christmas photos on Sunday. It's time.

This morning I thought it was Friday. Yeah, that was a shock.

Now you know where I'm at. I'm going to go to bed now and get up earlier than I want.


  1. I miss your twice/thrice a day blogging!! I am glad you're enjoying your new job, though. Although I hope the filing tapers off soon. I'm pretty sure that's how people haze new employees -- make them do nothing but file for at least a week, see if they stick around.

    Your 4:30pm looks just like my 3pm...

    I love my blog friends...but I wish I could make a few of them (present company included) real-life friends because Alaska is just so dang lonely. I don't remember the last time I had girlfriends to hang out with....

  2. Our mid-20s selves are exactly the same! I'm a hermit and completely fine with it. James and I are hermits together. Though I will echo what Angi said in that I wish I could make some blog friends real life friends.

    I hope the filing ends soon! It's brutal. I love that you can walk to and from work. I wish I could do that!

    I read what you wrote about thinking it was Friday, and then I thought "well that sucks, but at least today is Friday!." Clearly I'm not doing any better.

  3. Blogging friends are the best! :)


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