November 09, 2012

Tupperware isn't just for your grandmother.

I sent away my first Christmas present this week. That's really early for me, but Larissa's sister in law was visiting them in Edmonton and I couldn't pass up the free shipping. It was actually a present for Tim and Larissa's son Calvin (whom Karl I LOVE and would steal if that wasn't weird/illegal/something that involved cleaning poop). I told Larissa that they were welcome to open it now or at Christmas time, whatever they wanted.

It didn't take much convincing for her to cave and open it. Except Larissa is a wonderful mother. She does not open up Calvin's presents, instead letting him enjoy the experience himself. At practically seven months old Calvin needs to man up and do things for himself. These pictures made my day.

I obviously didn't take those photos, but I wrapped that bad boy up! Do you like the wrapping paper? I know it's very out of character... The box was actually a jumbo sized Cheerios box if you can't tell. I just cut it down the sides and folded them in to make it smaller. When did I get so artistic/crafty? The answer is never, but it's nice to know I can make whatever size box I need now. I could not for the life of me find a box that would fit what I got. Which was...

... A Shape-O! You know, the Tupperware toy that every kid had but no one knew was Tupperware.

A what in the what is this thing?*
It's Tupperware? That's food stuff, right?*
Om nom nom.*

This is actually the limited edition Christmas Shape-O. In case you think the colours are a little off that's because they are. Normally it's red and blue with yellow pieces. The Christmas one is very Canadian (or Japanese, whatever) in nature and was on sale. My Tupperware lady (also known as one of my best friends) informed me that never happens. Getting a good deal and buying Calvin's love combined to present me with an opportunity I could not pass up: buying Calvin's love for a good price. That's what's I'm talking about, people.

It got even better because the best part of the whole Shape-O to Calvin experience was that Larissa, who is notoriously impossible to surprise, had no idea. She assumed it would be this vest or something I knit. Boom. Victory is mine.

I hope you enjoyed looking at cute baby pictures of someone else's baby. You know, sometimes you have to blog about other peoples' children and take their potential blogging opportunities away.

*Might not be Calvin's actual thoughts.


  1. He is sooooo cute!!! Yay for a shape-o! Great gift.

  2. *pretty sure those were his actual thoughts.

    Thanks so much! He had lots of fun taking his time opening it and taste testing each piece of paper he ripped off, and will have even more fun with the toy for much time to come!


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