November 02, 2012

Junior high flashbacks. Now that's scary.

Tonight is our Beginning of November Dress Up Party. In other words, it's our Halloween party that's more centered around dress up and playing Quelph than anything actually Halloween related. I'd say it's also about eating discounted candy if there was any left to buy.

Our party was actually starting to bum me out quite a bit and I even thought of cancelling it or switching the night. People used to respond to my Facebook invitations pretty quickly, but this year it was two days before and people were actually cancelling due to other plans they'd forgotten about. We used to have between 20 and 30 people come over, but tonight it's looking like we'll be lucky to break ten. That, my friends, is a junior high problem.

Now, I know that life goes on around my parties and that the world doesn't stop because I invited people over, but I really think it should. People used to come over with bells on, but now they're waiting until the last minute to reply. For the record, I recognize those tactics and am not being fooled: People who wait until the last minute to reply to your party invitation after three weeks of knowing about it are clearly just waiting for a better invitation. Or to see if their friend is going so they don't have to feel awkward and hang out with the person in the awesome costume (me). I understand the socially awkward tactics of avoidance because I use them all the time. Or I would if I got invited to more things.

Yesterday, roughly 24 hours before party go time, people starting RSVPing. Great. Wonderful. It makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside knowing that I'm your last minute Friday night choice, right before staying home to catch up on next week's homework. I know you check your Facebook almost as much as I do so don't pretend you didn't get the message.

That said, if you're reading this and did respond last minute to coming to my Beginning of November Dress Up Party, I'm still glad you're coming. And I also can't believe you read my blog. Also please don't bring this up tonight when I see you because it will be very awkward and I may be forced to pretend that you're reading someone else's blog. In which case it's such a coincidence that our parties have the same random names. Great minds must think alike.

One of the reasons I'm looking forward so much to tonight is because of my costume. It's still a tightly guarded secret (just in case anyone going tonight happens to read my blog between now and then) but I'm confident it's going to go over well. I was starting to feel a little concerned that it wouldn't be as awesome as I've been psyching it up to be but then yesterday happened and my confidence was renewed.

There's only one thing holding me back from greatness tonight and that's myself. Let me explain. Yesterday was a run day for me and I was looking forward to it. I generally prefer to run before dinner, but had to take Furlo and Mom to the vet (for Furlo, not Mom) right after work before having dinner with Karl over at my dad's. I figured I'd just let my dinner settle a bit before heading out. Besides, I knew running was important after all the Reeses I'd eaten Wednesday night. I was also pretty sure all the Reeses were living in my legs and would weigh me down, but I know that if I'm going to run I just need to get out there and do it whether I want to or not. (Usually not.)

There is, of course, one exception. I will not run if I have a migraine. I'm still trying to figure out what causes them (at this point I suspect it's breathing) and I can't imagine brain jostling is going to help much. I won't go into migraine details because this blog is not a chronicle of migraines and how they ruin lives (which I think they do) but rather a chronicle of the happy things in life. Like auras that don't lead to migraines. Just mini head aches. THAT'S RIGHT. I'm winning at life.

So since I didn't go for a run last night due to an aura that didn't actually lead into a migraine just a feeling of generally "offness" (which is a small head ache, slightly upset stomach, and wanting to go to bed which may or may not have been related because I haven't been sleeping much... I'll take it!), and instead watched The Big Bang Theory while painting my nails for tonight and eating individual Reeses, I'm feeling a little like fatty today.  I am also regretting where those Reeses are going to sit in my Halloween costume tonight. Perhaps I should have been an adult sized pumpkin in order to justify eating more candy.

I know that one day of missing a run and two days (three including today/tonight) of gorging myself on junk is not going to ruin my waist line (which, for the record, isn't that small to begin with) but it's how I feel. Who knew that running would give you such motivation to not eat crappy crap all the time and to actually get out there? I am dreading tomorrow's run because I know those Reeses are going to sit right in my legs and feet and weigh them down. But I'm going to do it anyway.

Tonight's going to be fun no matter who does or doesn't show up. Why? Because my costume's epic, Karl's going as one of my favourite fictional men (Indy!), and I'm going to make a bean dip. A bean dip that I made up in my brain. Maybe I should go as a famous chef tonight.

Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. I would come to your party if given a Facebook invitation. ;)

    I know what you mean about running. Once I get on a roll, if I miss *one* day I feel like a fat slug. But the feeling is less and less each day I don't run, which is how I end up not running for 3 months at a time.

  2. Oh man--I know exactly how you feel about those late RSVP-ers. I have friends like that too--friends who will never give you a straight answer as to whether they are coming until the very last minute so you know that they were just waiting for something better to come up! But I think your party sounds fun!


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