November 28, 2012

I'm a winner.

I've won a fair amount of stuff in my life. I've never really thought of it like that but I have.

When I was in elementary school I got pulled out of strings class and thought I was in trouble. It turns out I'd just won a bicycle in the assembly we were practicing through. Once I'd finished peeing myself out of fear (my grade five teacher was really cool but rather intimidating to a ten year old) I was quite proud of myself.

Around the same age I went to a church craft fair with a friend and his family. There was a contest to guess the baby doll's name and win her handmade bed and clothes. I can't remember what her name was, but I won that bad boy. Pretty sure she's still kicking around in my old bedroom.

I've also won concert tickets and movie passes from the radio station but they aren't that interesting. What is interesting is that just before we were married I won tickets to a bridal fair from the same station. Once at the fair my fiance and I would compete for our wedding bands and a honeymoon to Paris. Since we didn't win, let's not talk about that part. In order to enter to win the tickets and entry into the competition for the honeymoon trip I had to write in with my three reasons for getting married.

My top three reasons for getting married:

1. The reactions I get for being 21 and making a life long commitment.
2. My mechanic will never be able to rip me off again because I'm marrying him.
3. Sex. We're old fashioned.

I just rattled those reasons off the top of my head when I wrote them down. Number one was a little silly, but the other two were legit. Okay, number 3 was a little awkward, too, but I figured it was true and I had nothing to hide.

Well. I was informed of my victory by none other than my friend. And how did she find out? Well, it was published in the paper on the back of a random page. You're probably thinking... our generation isn't big on reading the paper. Bingo. Her grandmother saw my name in the paper and told her I'd won.

So guess who knew why I was excited to get married?

No shame.


  1. LOL...seriously, hilarious. I especially love that your friend's GRANDMOTHER read it first!!

    On a serious note - no shame at all in #3. Too few people live by that rule these days. Isaiah and I never once regretted waiting. The whole "gotta test the car before you buy it" is a load of bull made up by people with no self control ;)

  2. No shame indeed! We waited too and are so glad we did! Also the mechanic thing...very smart :)

  3. I LOVE this. So funny!! And for the record, James and I did the same thing :)


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