November 22, 2012

I don't want to depress you, but Thursday is nowhere near the weekend.

Wednesday nights Karl and I are doing Financial Peace University, led by another couple at our church. I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but I enjoy repeating myself so I'll do it again. We really value the time they're investing in our lives, the relationships we're building with them and their kids, and benefiting from their wisdom. Not to mention the fact that they're teaching us valuable financial life skills that are going to help us get farther in life and achieve our long- and short-term goals.

But that's not what this is about.

Wednesday nights are Financial Peace night, but they're also our late night. It's safe to assume that we aren't going to be home much before midnight every Wednesday. Usually we're home by 11:30. That's 7 hours before I need to take Furlo out in the morning. While I don't mind staying out past my preferred bed time of 11, by the time I'm crawling into bed I'm thanking the good Lord that tomorrow's Thursday and that means the next day is Friday.

In our tired, before bed haze last night, Karl and I began to ponder the great oddities of life. Why do we get so excited for Thursday when we still have two full days of work left? (At least the rest of the normal world and I do, Karl's got his weird rotating weekends thing going on.) Once you ask why Thursday's so special, and realize it really isn't, you have to wonder why on earth we get excited for Friday?

Reasonably speaking, Friday should be the worst day of the week for us. I know I especially have a hard time with it because it's day 6 of taking Furlo out before the sun is up. For the rest of the normal working world, it's the fifth out of five days of having to get up in the cold morning and go to work. Gross, right? Really, Friday morning should be the roughest and toughest morning of the week. Physically. I guess mentally an optimist would be okay, but their body would be cold, tired, and maybe even a little stuffed up.

And yet... We always look forward to Friday. It's probably the day you try the least and just clock watch. I know I do. I feel like I'm dying of boredom and can't stand another minute at my computer and in the office or I'll DIE, but when 5 pm hits, I'm practically dancing out to my car. No word of a lie. One more than one occasion I have had to remind myself that spontaneous hand clapping and awkward grinning are signs of insanity. So is bursting into song. Been there, done that.

Really, if anything, Monday should be the easiest of the work week because we're rested and have hopefully forgotten the week before's horrors of the work place. Or, in my case, have rested enough and spent a sufficient amount of time away from a computer screen and gross toilets that it's like a blank slate. Blank enough.

Saturday is really the day to look forward to. You get to sleep in, not go to work, then lather, rinse, repeat and do the exact same thing on Sunday.

So if you're American you can feel really good about yourself right now because you're not at work, you're doing some sort of pilgrim related activity. If you're Canadian, it's okay to think dark and hateful thoughts towards Thursday and Friday, those jumbo jerks.

Just so you know, it's almost Friday. We can get through this. 

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