November 23, 2012

Christmas preparing and dead fish visiting.

Okay, I am officially ready to go home and get all Christmas on our place. Except that our floor needs to be cleaned (again/still), the pile of unfolded laundry looks like it might actually be migrating from the laundry room to our bedroom without help (it's actually disturbing that our laundry might be getting a mind of its own that involves spreading out into a bigger mess and not just folding itself like I've been hoping), I have errands to run tonight, Christmas knitting/TV watching (woe is me), and possibly dinner to make. I'm also grumpy with life in general. And by life in general I mean I'm frustrated with my house elf's inability to get the job done/exist and would simply like to immerse myself in sparkly Christmas things.

But, you know, I'm at work instead.

Karl and I went for "lunch" today and had eggnog lattes and other Starbucks fare. My eggnog latte is seriously affecting my ability to cope with reality. Why is everyone on Twitter at home and having Christmas preparing fun while I'm staring out at a gross and wet Douglas street? Woe is me.

I think if I plan my life appropriately I'l be Christmasified by Monday bedtime. Tomorrow will involve sleeping, running, massaging (as in, being massaged), cleaning, budgeting (ARG, I'm struggling here), and more Christmas knitting. Actually, when I put it that way I might have time to decorate my tree, make my home warm and cozy and lovely, and have a celebratory glass of amaretto before watching Love Actually.

Nevermind. I'm going to an engagement party. I knew there was a problem with my plan.

Sunday is a bit of a write off. We're going to church, having a college and career lunch, helping set up for an evening function, then possibly going to watch the salmon run. My friend Caity has never been before. As someone who plans on being a teacher, I'm not sure how she expects to get away with that forever. Better to go with us that a bunch of five year olds and face a potential breakdown. Except it's science so she should be fine. It's a lot like going to the grocery store except the seagulls got their first. Don't worry, if we go I will take lots and lots of pictures. You have not experienced West Coast life until you've experienced a salmon run. We even raised salmon in my grade three class.

Annnnnnd Sunday night we have a going away/appreciation night for our former pastor. Him and his wife were instrumental in keeping so many of us engaged with and going to church as kids in youth group. Christmas decorating will have to wait for that one.

So Monday. After yoga and my run, of course. I'm seriously not as hardcore as I sound. Or maybe I am hardcore and just don't know it yet. What's more hardcore? Knowing it or not knowing it? Or maybe I don't even sound hardcore.

This eggnog latte is taking me in a whole different direction.

Anyway, Christmas. It's going to happen soon in my house and in my heart. I'm also thinking that I want to do a little bit more this year. Karl and I are going to send out Christmas pictures (essentially cards, but pictures instead) which is new and 110% my idea, but I'd also like to maybe do something a little craftier. I guess I'll have to wait and see because I've already kind of overloaded myself in Christmas knitting that I'll be watching a whole lot of Christmas and zombie movies to get done. I also hate craftiness because I'm terrible at it.

I just realized I also need to do some work on our bathroom. Oh me, oh my. Not this weekend. Christmas doesn't happen in our bathroom, anyway, so I guess it can stay chaotic.

If you made it this far, you're a superstar. Happy weekending. I hope you don't have to clean your floor and, if you're lucky, I hope you get to check a salmon run. Now go enter my giveaway. Because I'm an only child and bossy like that.

PS If I had a house elf, I think his or her name would be Globby.


  1. Maybe this busyness is God's way of making you wait until December to decorate. :)

    Not that I have a problem with early decoration, but some people do...

  2. Christmas happened in our house yesterday! Why is the most wonderful time of the year always he busiest?!

  3. I have the best intention to make Christmas happen in my house right NOW... but I have/want to do some serious cleanning and some more decor shopping... lets see how that goes!


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