October 26, 2012

That cussing inner voice.

I need to stop reading things that make me laugh. More specifically, I need to stop reading those things while I'm at work. And sitting at my desk. People are going to start thinking I'm insane.

I also need to work on not over sharing as much. With random people. I get a compliment on something and I feel the need to give a two or three sentence story about its origins. Or something that someone else said to me about it. No one cares, they just want to admire my pretty thing I'm wearing. They don't need to know that Mom doesn't think yellow's a great colour on me. I'm not joking, I told my boss' wife that when she complimented me one day.

I also need to be careful about what I read. Reading books with lots of swearing are making my inner dialogue (You know you have one too, it's the same thing that makes it hard to pronounce someone's name until you know how to spell it. Or is that just me? And is that even related?) rather crass. Since I find inner swearing hysterical for reasons unknown I guess that's okay. It's when it comes out in my outer dialogue that I need to watch out. I teach Sunday school, after all.

I think God might be disapproving of all my inner cussing because it's so dark in here I can barely see my keyboard. And there's a lamp on over my shoulder. I sit on front of seven floor to ceiling windows.

I also managed to pancake my pinky between my arm rest and my keyboard tray this morning. I didn't scream or yell anything in front of the UPS guy who was just leaving when it happened, but I knew, in the moment delay between realization and pain, I had done more damage than it's cool to admit. My finger lost the sumo match between the arm of my chair and my keyboard tray. Wuss.

I think it's okay now, though. Sure it's throbbing a little every time I hit "shift" or "enter" but what doesn't kill me makes me stronger. Like a trained killer. And even though my finger nail feels a little... flatter than usual I'll survive. If the zombie apocalypse comes it's going to take more than my laser eyes to help me survive. It's going to take enough strength and toughness to rip off my own finger nails and kill zombies with them. Or at least suffer through a bruised finger nail.

Okay, seriously. I just snorted at something I read on Twitter. I need to get a handle on this. I blame the darkness, it's breeding insanity.

I have also had "Hoops! There it is!" stuck in my head all week. I have no idea why, and no idea where the "hoops" addition came from. Anyone?

Okay, happy Friday, everyone. I hope your weekends are as waffle filled as I intend mine to be.


  1. Ha, I internally curse all the time. I really shouldn't. I'm afraid it's going to be audible one of these days, in the least appropriate situation possible.

    I am sorry about your finger, though. I think smashing a finger is one of the worst pains ever, second only to stubbing a toe.

  2. Hahaha oh I internally curse quite often and sometimes its said aloud. :)


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