October 16, 2012

I'm the boss.

Sometimes Life gives you crap. When Life gives you crap sometimes you just have to look Life sternly in the eye and say no thank you. No thank you, Life, I don't want any of your crap. Sometimes for good measure, and just so Life knows you mean it, it's okay to add a little more attitude. Screw you, Life, I don't want any of your crap.

You don't always have to be polite to Life or its crap. Sometimes being firm is what you really need to do. When crap's coming your way, I know you don't want to be polite. The pleases and the thank yous only go so far. They have their place, but it's okay to be straight up with Life when it's being a bully.

But then you've got to move on and realize what really makes you happy. Get past the crap, tell it to take off, and then build a bridge and get over it. Crap happens. Life happens. Just deal with it, tell it to take a hike, and move on.

You say, Screw you, Life. I don't want your migraine. I want my magic migraine pills and to do what I want! I don't care if you're trying to make my brain escape my head, I'm going to feel better. I'm not going to pain manage, I'm going to pain destroy! I'm going to stick to my plans and have dinner with friends, do my budgeting homework, make dinner, and not only go to yoga but go for a run, too! I'm. The boss. And don't you forget it.

Do that and, like the Sunday School kids say, I'm the boss. Take that, Life. Take that.

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