October 31, 2012

Halloweening on a weeknight.

Today is Halloween. If you didn't know that you must be living under a rock or in England or something. Today is also a Wednesday.

A few years ago I got tired of having the lamest, cheapest costumes at all the Halloween parties and youth group superhero nights. I decided that if I was going to get dressed up I was going to do it right and no longer use ratty towels as capes. It was getting real.

Some of my friends are ridiculously creative. I've been to parties with samurais, paper bag princesses, gyspsies, wise men, superheroes galore, not to mention owls, bananas in pajamas, Buzz Lightyear, and even an angler fish. Some people really bring their A game when it comes to dressing up.

Last year I was a head hunter. It was funny because I was actually working for a head hunter at the time (a recruiter/search group) and it was ironic because I was in my final days at that job. So the business head hunter went as a tribal head hunter. If you ask me, that's pure gold. It was also pretty easy.

The year before I went as Rachel Berry from Glee. I thought it was good, but it turns out none of my friends watched the show. My attempts at being in touch with pop culture were a bit of a bust.

This year I'm really excited about my costume. In true me style it isn't going to be amazing (because I really do fail at costume creativity and dressing) but it's something I've been thinking of for a year. I'm really excited about it and I think it's going to go over well. I also think people will recognize it when they see it. We're having a "Beginning of November Dress Up Party" on Friday night so I can have a chance to show it off. Until then it's top secret. I thought about having a party tonight but then I laughed in my own metaphorical face. I would so much rather knit mittens on a work night than have to entertain people.

The thing is, I don't really care about Halloween that much. I think it's funny when people say it's their favourite holiday. Not that there's anything wrong with liking Halloween, but it's not a holiday. I'm at work and not getting paid to be at home, so by my definition it's not a holiday. It's a pagan celebration (like Christmas) but it's not a holiday. I almost wish it was a holiday so I could be sitting at home cleaning up my entry way so the trick or treaters wouldn't judge my shoe explosion.

I also think it's funny when people say it's their favourite holiday because it makes me wonder if they've forgotten about Christmas. Hello, Christmas is the best holiday ever. I don't even need to get into. (I know some people have a really difficult time at Christmas and that breaks my heart. Those people need some serious lovings to help them through the crappy times.) How could anyone forget about Christmas when the stores have been sold out of Halloween candy since the weekend and have all their Christmas stuff in place? Seriously, I was getting worried that we'd have to buy candy canes to hand out tonight.

I initially didn't really want to give out candy tonight. Last year we had two kids come to the door and one of them didn't . The year before I don't think we were home. Karl wanted to give out candy so we're doing it. I'm going to make him dress up to do it, though. This is happening. We also bought two tiny battery operated jack o' lanterns for the end of the driveway in an effort to lure children in. Because we're creepy like that. And we have candy to give them.

In case you're wondering, Karl's going as Indiana Jones on Friday. Ironically, I also went as Indiana Jones for Halloween as a child. I'm not sure what happened to my whip, which I think might actually have been a real one, so Karl gets to use a cheap dollar store one I picked up for $4. The key is to do something easy with him.

Again, I'm not super stoked about Halloween, but I am excited to see some awesome costumes on Friday night. And to eat individual Reeses cups. Om nom nom.

Update: In case there's any confusion, I think Christmas is fantastic for many reasons, the big one being that the day it celebrates was kind of one of the biggest moments in history. That said, Santa Clause and all the other things surrounding Christmas traditions are totally whack. Fun, but made up by a bunch of crazy pagans doing their crazy pagan thing. I just wanted to clarify.

I like the excuse to be creative once a year and confuse people with my sorry costume attempts. As much as I enjoy zombies, I wouldn't dress up as one. I like to keep it fun and light and not evil. Okay I'm done now.

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  1. Haha, it's not a holiday unless you get the day off...I agree!!!


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