October 19, 2012

Award winning me.

For today's lighter, happier, fluffier note, Angi over at Backroads & Microphones nominated me for a blog award. I hope Angi and all the other new blogger readers out there don't judge me for this, but I'm not going to pass it on. Because I'm lame like that and no amount of pressure is going to change my mind today. I'm new to the whole other people than my two breast feeding friends (that sounds really weird) reading my blog thing and not sure where I want to go with the whole big, bad blog networking thing. Today I just want to write about what I want and by gosh golly I will.

So if you want to judge my laziness go ahead, but do it with love and warm thoughts and as little actual judging as necessary. Because this is a place of love. And polka dots.

That said, I may not pass on the blog award loving but I will answer Angi's questions because she's nice and I like her. I also don't feel bad because she went the lazier way out on her's, too (but she at least passed it on).

So you want five random facts about me? Allez-y!

1. I get migraines. Wait, what? You already knew that? Well, my doctor prescribed me some magic migraine medicine (my words not his) yesterday but warned me they would be expensive. The girl at the counter actually cringed when she told me how much twelve of them would cost. $210. Two-hundred and ten dollars. Holy COW. The story gets better, don't worry. I have pretty good prescription coverage from work and, while it doesn't cover my iron pills, it covered $168 dollars of my migraine meds. I only had to pay $42. It gets better, though, because Karl's medical will cover 50% of that remaining balance. Feel free to do a little happy dance with me.

2. I have toe thumbs. My thumbs look like toes. If you know me up close and personal you know this. They freak some people out. You know what, though? God didn't give me ugly hands to go along with them. I'll never be a hand model or anything, but as far as hands go mine have never bothered me. This is coming from a girl who in high school didn't want to wear shorts because she thought her knees looked like potatoes.

No, that is not my foot.

3. I love me a dense cheesecake. Mmm cheesecake. Fluffy cheesecake doesn't do it for me, though, and neither does fruit topping. I like berries (not blueberries) but I hate berry topping. It's like sugar liquid goo and ruins a good cheesecake. I won't order cheesecake if it relies on a fruit topping to be successful. Chocolate, however, is totally fine. The best cheesecake I ever had was a hedgehog one the office got me for my birthday. In Heaven I bet they serve hedgehog cheesecake.

4. I have had thirteen jobs in my lifetime. I didn't realize it was that many until a few weeks ago when someone asked me. I didn't include the random few times I babysat and did or didn't get paid. That list does, however, include the one day I worked at a bakery/deli and the two weeks I spent working at a cafe the summer we got married. I got fired for the first and only time in my life. Fainting and throwing up on day one of a job is never a good first impression.

5. I don't mind cleaning my house (aka our basement cave) when I'm in the mood. I especially like to do it listening to Kelly Clarkson and jumping around. Because I'm cool like that. Lately, though, it's been Audrey Assad. If you haven't heard her before please go listen to her right now. She's amazing.

Now comes the moment where I answer Angi's questions.

1) What band do you listen to the most? What band? Lately it's been either Mother Mother or Mumford and Sons. Audrey Assad and Matt Maher have been in the CD player for well over a year, though, and I listen to them weekly. They aren't bands, though, just people playing with bands. Surprised I didn't say Jars of Clay? I still love them the most.

2) If you could change careers to anything in the world, what would you be/do? Backup singer. Or Bono. It's been the same answer since I was a teenager. Or, more realistically I'd either like to work in elections (I LOVE me some non-partisan right to vote) or in some sort of non-profit. I don't know what I'd do in said non-profit but who wouldn't want to have a job that not only pays your bills but does the world some good?

3) Describe the best vacation you've ever taken. When I was twelve my dad and I went to Disneyland. We stayed in a hotel, ate at McDonalds and IHOP everyday. Every fat kid's dream. Was this the best vacation I've ever had? I don't know, but I will never forget when Dad and I were in the Disneyland parade one night. We wore tutus, may or may not have danced with hippos (it was a really long time ago) and people were literally cheering me on. "Way to go, Anna!" I did not know them but I was wearing a name tag so they knew me. It was amazing.

4) Are you a cat person, a dog person, or a no-pet-person? I am definitely not a cat person. We had a cat named Ottis who did his darndest to ruin our lives for ten years or so. We were his slaves and he was our terrifying master that peed on everything (no exaggeration) and left poo skids on the floor every day. Now my mom has Furlo (the 100 lb dog) and, living in her basement, we kind of do, too. I love Furlo even though he doesn't like other dogs and farts when he's walking up the stairs in front of me. Looking after a dog is a lot of work, though, and I have a big enough job keeping two adults alive as it is. I like dogs, but I'd have to say I'm a no-pet-person. Except for baby pugs. Because I just want to snuggle them all the time. ALL THE TIME.

5) If you could steal the style of any movie or television star, whose would you steal? This question is hard because I'm not really in touch with the stars so to speak. So I'll say Zooey Deschanel. Honestly, who wouldn't want to look like her? Except somehow I don't think I could pull off her super short stuff and still look cute. Ah, the beauty of "ifs." And I have hair envy.

And now, since I've been doing my own thing with this blog award all morning, I figured I would tell you about my absolute favourite blog out there in the entire world written by my wonderful friend Larissa. You may not care about her blog as much as I do because I actually know her, but you might because it's awesome. She started it when she took her lovely family and moved away. Just kidding, her husband did the family taking and moving but we still like Tim anyway. Just a little bit less. No, no, I'm kidding. Tim is lovely.

Larissa's been blogging about their new life in Edmonton and it is my favourite read. Not only does she update it all the time, but she also puts up pictures. My favourites are the pictures of their son Calvin, the first baby I ever really loved.

Oh, and Tim has a website, too. If you like short stories or superheroes or really really short stories, I recommend checking out what he does. He writes short stories, has a superhero thing going on that is amazing, and also makes fifty word stories.

And, finally, since I'm breaking the blog award rules I'll share a couple other ladies (in no particular order) with you who've seemed to like my blog enough to read it: Kim, Jen, Jane, and Angi who you've already met.


  1. Haha...I love your answers! I don't blame you for not really wanting to nominate anyone else for the award...when I first got it and saw that there was 11 of everything I was like oh hayl no. We'll do 5. 5 is too many but it's good enough.

    What is this magic migraine medicine!? I get migraines sometimes too but my doctor doesn't seem to want to try anything too outrageous to get rid of them.


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