August 24, 2012

More ways to kill time.

For some reason I always drop the E when I write "time." I'm talking 90% of the time. Or, apparently, 33% of the time if the last three uses (not including the most recent although that, too, had an E on the end) have anything to say about it. I thought about leaving this post entitled "More ways to kill tim." but I wasn't sure Tim or Larissa (my biggest reader) would appreciate it. Just kidding, they probably would because they're so chill.

I learned early on at this job that blogging was an excellent way to kill time. More recently I've been branching out and finding that reading other peoples blogs are also good ways to kill time. You might think that should be really obvious but I just never knew where to start. I actually still don't really know where to start so I've just kind of followed the lead of my Facebook friends and checked out things they've liked. A lot of those are mommy blogs which, although interesting and funny, aren't really what I'd like to spend my days reading. I am not a member of the mommy group and as much as some little children have me completely enamoured with them (I'm thinking of one in particular) it's hard to read completely unrelatable content. So I drift aimlessly, finding things that are kind of in my areas of interest.

Why aren't there any blogs out there written by people in their mid-twenties (holy cow that's freaky) that really like polka dots, read The Princess Diaries and A Song of Ice and Fire, and are going through a journey of self discovery that involves spray painting everything blue, baking, and closet organization? Seriously, there has to be something out there. Actually, that might be a little creepy, but does my demographic just not blog?

Anyway, I'm ever in search of more interesting ways to kill time instead of myself at work so today I took the Twitter plunge. You might call it peer pressure but since I don't really know anyone else out there (with the exception of the friend I'm trying to kill and his wife) that has bought into Twitter I've really just been looking for an excuse to. They twisted my arm, only not at all, and told me that it's fun. You can just follow celebrities. Yeah okay, I'm sold. I mean, I blog with very low readership so why not tweet like that? I still think I have interesting things to say and I'm still going to say them whether people read it or not. So bring on the tim killing!

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