August 15, 2012

A wake up call.

Literally. Our phone rang shortly after seven this morning, in between the snooze alarms. Our phone doesn't normally ring in the mornings, except for when Karl's mom locked her keys in her running car, so we figured it was worth answering. Karl flew out of bed like a superhero only to be greeted by an automated "Ramona."  He hung up.

We got a scam call shortly after seven this morning. Do they have no shame? That's sleeping time! I checked the number and it's a local one. Rest assured, I will be calling them when I get home and telling them exactly what I think about their early morning wake up call and let me tell you, it's not much.

Look out for early morning phone calls that wrench you (or your husband) out of bed for no particular reason. The nerve of them!

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