July 16, 2012

Weekend recap.

I don't want to brag, but I had a crazy full weekend. Crazy full in the good way. This whole new finding lots of stuff to do thing is giving me a whole new lease on life. Or something.

Friday night we had some lovely friends over for dinner. I tried to impress them with a nicer meal, steak and a salad that, I have to say, was awesome. It kind of worked. A little attempt at pre-dinner homemade potato chips, a little salad, a little steak, a little destroyed chocolate bean cake, a little icing that would not spread. Presentation may have lacked a little, but I think taste did the trick. It was nice to just be lazy after a full week and play games, too. We also got our baby snuggles on. Because they have one.

By the time we crawled into bed I was a walking zombie. 11 hours of sleep really perked me up the next day, I have to tell you.

Saturday I made a successful attempt at adding summer, work appropriate wear to my wardrobe. I'm tired of cooking in the fluctuating office temperature and wanted t-shirts or tank tops that I wouldn't feel too exposed/casual in. I got two and a dress that I adore for less than $40. It was thriftier shopping, although I wish I'd been able to find tops for less than $10. That was my goal. Well, I did find tops for under $10 but they didn't make the cut. When I got home I laid my new finds on the table and took a picture of all the wonderfully clashing prints. Solids are definitely out this year.

In between the clothes hunting with my mother I started and finished priming and painting my nightstand. It was warm work out on the back deck, let me tell you. It didn't turn out quite as nicely as Karl's did but I'm still happy with the results. I also found out that the nightstands really are identical. I thought mine had a short drawer but it just turned out that it was never in it's track properly. So now I have really functional drawer and a newly prettified nightstand. It's a win-win!

Taking out the nightstand was probably just as much work as painting it. It's nestled right into the corner of the room between the bed and the wall with no extra space on either side. When I moved it I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of live spiders/spider corpses hiding behind and under it, instead only find two years worth of INSANE dust bunnies. They weren't insane in their aggressive, attack with a knife type of insanity, but I think I finally realized why they're called bunnies: those suckers breed. I really need to vacuum/dust the nooks and crannies in our bedroom way more often. Our bedroom is such a space/organizational nightmare that I always try to avoid it, though.

So after a day of real femininity (shopping) and domesticity (furniture beautifying) I really needed to let out my inner redneck so Karl I went to the race track. It was pretty good, although it was more hit and destroy than actual racing. No complaints here. The most amazing part was the boat races. I knew it was a towing race, but I assumed it would involve cars towing boats on trailers and simply racing each other. It most certainly was not. There were no trailers, and I'm not even sure that racing was part of it. Cars dragged boats behind them and tried to destroy each others' boats. Fiber glass was flying everywhere and it was so cool. We also saw a minivan turn into a fireball. All in all, a good night at the races.

Sunday was another full day. From the time we went to church in the morning until after dinner we were out of the house with one small half hour interval for a costume change. We went for lunch, went to Costco, and went to a tea party. We're classy like that.

I feel like we left the weekend with about as much (or as little) class as we entered it with. Sure we had a redneck night at the races, but we had a fancy tea party the next day. I'm going to call this weekend a raving success. Unless you count the mass of dishes leftover from Friday night, but who does? I'll never understand it, but it seems like having even two guests more than doubles the amount of clean up. Go figure.

This week is a weird one because I have to make absolutely no meals. I was going to make quinoa last night with the old veggies in our fridge last night but the tea party ended up providing enough cake and scones to keep us full until this morning. Tonight we're having dinner at some friends', tomorrow is dinner at my dad's, and Wednesday I leave at an as of yet undefined time until sometime Friday. That's a full week of no dinners.  I'd feel overjoyed except all I can think is of the broccoli from last week no doubt turning rank in my Tupperware. I think I'll have to amp up the lunch making and make last night's dinner tonight once we come home for lunches.

Yeah, it's tough work being a domestic fiend.

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