July 06, 2012

Self loathing and hoarding. How fitting!

I may collect books like a spoiled only child (say what?) but it seems like I might be collecting blog posts that way too. Seriously, three in a day? I'll pretend I own a popular, widely read blog that people are just dying to get multiple daily updates from. I'm cool and interesting like that, especially now that I have polka dots. That I stole. From somewhere on the internet that I can't find to save my life.

I've been reading an embarrassing number of DIY home blogs this week. Why are they just so popular? And knitting blogs. Who am I? I guess it's pretty clear that the last couple months have consisted of me having a clear identity crisis.  Baking? From scratch? Regularly? Say what! Well things are getting stranger, let me tell you.

So, first of all, there's the baking thing. I've already beaten that to death so I won't go any deeper into it. Just know, it's kooky. Then there's the organizational bug that seems to have bitten me lately. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a slob (my mother would probably argue that statement, but she's not here right now, is she?) and I really feel like my overall level of satisfaction with life is greatly enhanced when my house is clean. I use the term "house" liberally. Space is such an issue that to achieve any long lasting level of tidiness we need to get some serious organizing done. Our bedroom's so tiny we have a dresser in our closet for goodness sake.

Part of organization is getting rid of things and, thanks to regular clothing swaps, I manage to keep a fairly decent handle on the clothing thing. Well, I don't have a ton of useless clothes that I never ever wear anymore. Except for my collection of band and event shirts that I can't bring myself to give away no matter how long it's been since I last wore them. Would you wear a bright blue Relient K shirt? Didn't think so. Would you give it away? If you said yes you have no heart.

I have motivation, however, to find a balance between hoarding tendencies and storage issues. I will make it work or I will seriously reevaluate its presence in our home. So I guess I'll have to make it work. I have vision and I will roll with it. My vision doesn't stretch very far but thanks to DIY blogs I feel like I can achieve much more that I used to.

Which, I suppose, brings me to my next reason why I'm likely having an identity crisis: committing to do-it-yourself projects. Karl is completely useless when it comes to this kind of thing. Two years later and our living room still isn't fully painted. Yeah. Go figure. He's very useful for other things, though, like oil changes and fixing heater cores. Also for warming up my cold dead feet at night time. Our last DIY project together was refinishing our kitchen table. It's huge, it's gorgeous now, but the leafs still aren't done, and a great deal of frustration was had during the six months it took to get it done. So I figured that, like moving furniture together, Karl and I just weren't destined to refinish any wood products together. You know, in the interest of a happy marriage.

So guess what I did yesterday? I bought a really ugly night stand. Actually, it's not hideous but it certainly doesn't match our black-brown IKEA bedroom furniture. The night stand is more of a maple colour. The reason I got it (and was super excited about it to boot) was because I also have a really ugly (truly, mine's in rough shape) night stand that is a near perfect match. Mine was $8 when we first got married, purchased off of a really crazy lady, and Karl's was $10. I may actually steal Karl's and give him mine because his is in nicer shape and he won't care. I hope. I'm digressing. Either way, there's more to the story than me just wanting ugly things that match and that is... that I must hate myself. Seriously. Self loathing all the way. I am going to refinish those bad boys in the next couple weeks and make them match our bedroom set. Without husband assistance. Yes I can!

Okay, I guess that's not a lot of self loathing but come back to me in a week or so when I've actually started my nightstands and ask me how I'm feeling then. My guess is angry and full of spite. By that point I should (maybe...) be well along the road toward home organization. Summer, you are the summer of order in the chaos. Okay, I like a little chaos because I'm sure as anything not a neat freak, but it'll be more order than chaos. At least come fall. So it is written, so I'd better get on it.

In case you're wondering, I've seen Mr Spiderman shirt walk by at least six times today. He's going to have some weird chest tan lines.

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