May 08, 2012

Superman, move over.

Well, loyal readers, last night was one for the record books.

I decided yesterday, for some unknown reason, to not only make dinner but to make cupcakes to bring to some friends' tonight and to make my first attempt at bread. It wasn't until after that I realized I had two first times in the kitchen last night. Two! Cupcakes from scratch (I've done muffins but never cupcakes) and bread. Bread!

I was going to give up on the bread when I didn't get home until six but, for some crazy reason, persevered. Maybe it was because dinner was in the oven and I couldn't make cupcakes at the same time. Either way, it happened. Somehow it happened. For the record, there was no refined sugar in anything I made last night. Aw yeah.

Not only did I make a lovely chicken dinner while simultaneously baking bread (via breadmaker) but I also cleaned my toilet and my sink. Although the sink happened during cupcake time. I was a powerhouse of domesticity and I think the only reason I didn't go insane was because I knew I was doing it for myself more than anything. I think that's the thing with housework. If I clean to make myself happy it just makes more sense.

I felt like I wanted to drink something manly like whiskey or brandy after, though. You know, to balance out the typical femininity of it all.

My domestic superpowers were not the only thing that amazed me last night, though. No, there was a rather official looking letter from the Sheriff in the mailbox for me when I got home. The contents, you ask? A jury summons. If chosen I'll be looking at either a 5 day or a 20 criminal case.

Now, I believe in the judicial system and democracy and all that but I lose pay if I do this. I don't want to lose pay. I really and truly want to make that nice little number I was quoted when I started working here (minus taxes of course). The other thing is that the juror names come from the voting list. Is my punishment for being a regular voter and democracy loving citizen to make me lose over a hundred dollars a day? 

I will persevere!

Last's night culinary successes were kind of marred by the fact that by the time I actually got a chance to sit down (at 9) I was exhausted. Luckily Castle was on and I got to spend some quality time with my boyfriend Nathan Fillion. By the time that emotionally draining episode (everything's more emotionally draining after dinner, cupcakes, and bread have been created at your own hands) I put the bread in the fridge to cool down while I brushed my teeth and the cupcakes in airtight containers.

I found the bread this morning. In the fridge in an open bag where I'd left it. Excellent. I think next time I make bread I'll do it when I'll actually want to eat it fresh out of the cooker. And it looked more like a really big bun than a loaf of bread. I didn't have time to cut a slice this morning so I guess it'll be an end of day snack.

The level of success isn't really relevant. The point is, I'm a bathroom cleaning, dinner making, bread baking, cupcake dominating machine. And I liked it.

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