March 16, 2012


It just hit me: Friday afternoon exhaustion. It's the inevitable crash after too much caffeine, heat, and another work week. I have strong desire to lean back in my chair and take a quick nap. Fifteen minutes would be a perfect amount of time. I am, after all, the master of quick naps. Sadly, that's not okay. If I can't knit at my desk, chances are sleeping and the unattractive behavior that goes hand in hand with it probably wouldn't fly.

This afternoon I got to practice my event planning skills with regards to thinking of some fun coworkers and their families activities for the summer. I am all in favour of a riotous round of mini-golf followed by a backyard BBQ. I'm easy to please and there's little I enjoy more than a BBQ in the summer. Or spring. Or fall. As long as I'm dressed for it, I will sit on a porch/lawn/deck/patio and eat a burger and be happy. If I'm not dressed for it I may complain bitterly.

Events with coworkers are always interesting. You get to see people in their more natural environment (aka out of the office) and in a different setting. I've always found that some people are hard to recognize when you're used to seeing them dressed for work and indoors as opposed to outside and wearing a hoodie. Everyone (except me) wears hoodies here, but outside is another story. You also get to see their families which always interesting. Seeing how people interact with their kids, spouses, current girlfriends, is always different. I always wonder what peoples' significant others look like. I always picture people as generally flawless. Buck teeth, muffin tops, and unibrows have no place in my imagination. I guess I'm just nice that way.

It's also interesting to see who picks who as far as attraction goes. I'm always surprised when I see, for instance, what my friend's new boyfriend looks like; it's never what I envisioned. Not that the boyfriend's ugly, just that he's not a masculine version of my friend. Some of our couple friends nailed it as far as looking alike goes. The skinny tall couple, for instance. I wonder if a stranger would be able to pick out who belongs with who in a jumble. I never pictured Karl and his rugged masculinity as what I would be drawn to but I'm not his type (blonde) either.

Time to clean up, lock up, and go home for a weekend of zero responsibilities. I'm going to knit and watch tv until I go blind and my fingers fall off. Now who would picture Karl with that stunning beauty?

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