March 13, 2012

Promises promises.

I have been promising myself that I'll go to bed earlier since Sunday. I'm tired! I just want to crawl into my warm bed and stay there forever. Or at least until the sun is up (no longer my normal wake up time, thanks DST). My junk food binge didn't stop last night. We had freezer fettuccine alfredo for dinner last night. It was so creamy, so cheesey, so, so terrible. It's wasn't bad. It was one of those purchases I let my husband talk me into against my better judgment and then, naturally, made ASAP. You know me, I love to cook...

Today a client brought in doughnuts. Super. Of course I had the sour cream glazed one. Of course. I have terrible eating habits and always have. These are compounded by my lack of passion for all things cooking, including dish washing. I need to get out of my junk food slump and start cooking again. But there's a problem. Karl's on course tonight and Thursday. That means that he's not coming home and, tonight at least, I have to feed myself which will likely consist of mini bagels. Totally balanced diet.

I'm starting to feel my body slowly ballooning into the 600 lb woman and am just waiting for my coworkers to ask if I'm pregnant. That's all a huge exaggeration (this word has 2 Gs?) but I need to tone it down a little and bring on the veggies. I love veggies, I'm just not motivated.

That's enough about my eating habits.

Tonight is Tuesday and Tuesday is yoga and knitting in rapid and overlapping succession. I've decided to skip knitting because I know full well that if I stay out until 9:30ish I won't be in bed anywhere near 10 like I want. The same thing happened last night. I desperately wanted to go to bed at 10 and was at home doing not much of anything but somehow managed to drag the getting ready for bed process out until 11:30.

Fascinating, I know.

I'm battling with myself. Do I go to yoga or do I treat myself to a well deserved night on the couch? Do I actually want to roll myself into my exercise clothes and go to a class where the instructor may or may not encourage me to join prenatal yoga? I'm exaggggggerating again.

As for Douglas, which hasn't been getting a lot of attention from me as of late, today's been a weird day in the office. I've been screwing up a lot at the most basic yet important part of my job: phone messages. You wouldn't think this would be hard but apparently it's nearly impossible to take an accurate message for me. Fantastic. My boss is way nicer than I would ever be and totally gracious. Maybe it helps that I promise today to take only good messages from now on without fail. Otherwise, really, what use is there for me? Time to pull up the boot straps!

And possibly nap.

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