March 08, 2012

I link.

I am not an expert internet wanderer. I stick pretty close to home and the things I'm used to. I had a lot of fun linking things in yesterday's post so I figured I'd give it a try today. You know, in case you're sitting at your desk looking to kill some time, too.

I posted this as a comment on yesterday's entry but, in case you missed it, Invisible Children responded to all the criticism out there on the web

I watched KONY 2012 last night. It wasn't what I was expecting. The first half really felt like it was a promotion for Invisible Children. It was a little frustrating and, even though I was engaged, I found my mind wandering a little. Maybe I'm just used to high speed, in your face, videos trying to motivate you because those kids in Africa? They eat sand!

I feel like Invisible Children did an excellent job at defending themselves. It's still good to be critical, but I felt like this helped round out the conversation. I don't think I need to expound on this anymore, I said my piece yesterday.

Dan Haseltine (whom I respect and adore for many reasons) did a pretty good job of commenting on his twitter about the whole thing.

Now let's move on.

So a reference to this ended up in my inbox this morning. A little poop humour for you. Guster is an excellent band I somehow discovered in high school. I forgot about them for a little while but I've cycled them back into my life recently.

This story was a thrilling way to get my day started. High speed police chases in my own home town!

There's another way I spend my days, too, when I'm bored.

Okay, that's enough for now. I know there's only so many links I can handle at a time and I've definitely surpassed them.

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